Dawn A Laney MS/CGC


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Climbing the Branches of a Family Tree: Diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome

by Jeannie Visootsak; Heather Hipp; Heather Clark; Elizabeth Berry-Kravis; Tovi Anderson; Dawn Laney



Fabry disease and COVID-19: international expert recommendations for management based on real-world experience

by Dawn Laney; Dominque P. Germain; João Paulo Oliveira; Alessandro P. Burlina; Gustavo Horacio Cabrera; Geu-Ru Hong; Robert J. Hopkin; Dau-Ming Niu; Mark Thomas; Hernán Trimarchi; William R. Wilcox; Juan Manuel Politei; Alberto Ortiz



Antiproteinuric therapy and Fabry nephropathy: factors associated with preserved kidney function during agalsidase-beta therapy

by David G Warnock; Christie P Thomas; Bojan Vujkovac; Ruth C Campbell; Joel Charrow; Dawn Laney; Leslie L Jackson; William Wilcox; Christoph Wanner



Phenotypic characteristics of the p.Asn215Ser (p.N215S) GLA mutation in male and female patients with Fabry disease: A multicenter Fabry Registry study

by Dominique Germain; Eva Brand; Alessandro Burlina; Franco Cecchi; Scott C. Garman; Judy Kempf; Dawn A Laney; Ales Linhart; Laszlo Marodi; Kathy Nicholls; Alberto Ortiz; Federico Pieruzzi; Suma Shankar; Stephen Waldek; Christoph Wanner; Ana Jovanovic