David P Holland MD, MHS


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Geographic Information System-based Screening for TB, HIV, and Syphilis (GIS-THIS): A Cross-Sectional Study

by Neela Goswami; Emily J. Hecker; Carter Vickery; Marshall A. Ahearn; Gary M. Cox; David Holland; Susanna Naggie; Carla Piedrahita; Ann Mosher; Yvonne Torres; Brianna L. Norton; Sujit Suchindran; Paul H. Park; Debbie Turner; Jason E. Stout



Strategies for Treating Latent Multiple-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis: A Decision Analysis

by David Holland; Gillian D. Sanders; Carol D. Hamilton; Jason E. Stout



Feasibility and willingness-to-pay for integrated community-based tuberculosis testing

by Neela Goswami; Emily Hecker; David Holland; Susanna Naggie; Gary M. Cox; Ann Mosher; Debbie Turner; Yvonne Torres; Carter Vickery; Marshall A. Ahearn; Michela LM Blain; Petra Rasmussen; Jason E Stout