Divya Gupta


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Sacubitril/Valsartan in Advanced Heart Failure With Reduced Ejection Fraction Rationale and Design of the LIFE Trial

by Divya Gupta; DL Mann; SJ Greene; MM Givertz; JM Vader; RC Starling; AP Ambrosy; P Shah; SE McNulty; C Mahr; MM Redfield; A Lala; GD Lewis; SF Mohammed; NA Gilotra; AD DeVore; EZ Gorodeski; P Desvigne-Nickens; AF Hernandez; E Braunwald



Determinants of Diuretic Responsiveness and Associated Outcomes During Acute Heart Failure Hospitalization: An Analysis From the NHLBI Heart Failure Network Clinical Trials

by Michael S. Kiernan; Susanna R. Stevens; W.H. Wilson Tang; Javed Butler; Kevin J. Anstrom; Edo Y. Birati; Justin L. Grodin; Divya Gupta; Kenneth B. Margulies; Shane Larue; Victor G. Davila-Roman; Adrian F. Hernandez; Lisa De Las Fuentes



Intensification of Medication Therapy for Cardiorenal Syndrome in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure

by Justin L. Grodin; Susanna R. Stevens; Lisa De Las Fuentes; Michael Kiernan; Edo Y. Birati; Divya Gupta; Bradley A. Bart; G. Michael Felker; Horng H. Chen; Javed Butler; Victor G. Davila-Roman; Kenneth B. Margulies; Adrian F. Hernandez; Kevin J. Anstrom; W. H. Wilson Tang