Don P Giddens PhD


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Using optical coherence tomography and intravascular ultrasound imaging to quantify coronary plaque cap thickness and vulnerability: a pilot study

by Rui Lv; Akiko Maehara; Mitsuaki Matsumura; Liang Wang; Qingyu Wang; Caining Zhang; Xiaoya Guo; Habib Samady; Don Giddens; Jie Zheng; Gary S. Mintz; Dalin Tang



Computational fluid dynamics applied to virtually deployed drug-eluting coronary bioresorbable scaffolds: Clinical translations derived from a proof-of-concept.

by Bill D. Gogas; Boyi Yang; Tiziano Passerini; Alessandro Veneziani; Marina Piccinelli; Gaetano Esposito; Emad Rasoul-Arzrumly; Mosaab Awad; Girum Mekonnen; Olivia Y. Hung; Beth Holloway; Michael McDaniel; Don P Giddens; Spencer King; Habib Samady



Low Coronary Wall Shear Stress Is Associated With Severe Endothelial Dysfunction in Patients With Nonobstructive Coronary Artery Disease

by Arnav Kumar; Olivia Y. Hung; Marina Piccinelli; Parham Eshtehardi; Michel T. Corban; David Sternheim; Boyi Yang; Adrien Lefieux; David S. Molony; Elizabeth W. Thompson; Wenjie Zeng; Yasir Bouchi; Sonu Gupta; Yi-An Ko; Michael C McDaniel; John S Douglas Jr.; Arshed Ali Quyyumi; Don P Giddens; Alessandro Veneziani; Habib Samady



Quantify patient-specific coronary material property and its impact on stress/strain calculations using in vivo IVUS data and 3D FSI models: a pilot study

by Xiaoya Guo; Jian Zhu; Akiko Maehara; David Monoly; Habib Samady; Liang Wang; Kristen L. Billiar; Jie Zheng; Chun Yang; Don P Giddens; Gary S. Mintz; Dalin Tang