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Functional Glycomic Analysis of Human Milk Glycans Reveals the Presence of Virus Receptors and Embryonic Stem Cell Biomarkers

by Ying Yu; Shreya Mishra; Xuezheng Song; Yi Lasanajak; Konrad C. Bradley; Mary M. Tappert; Gillian M. Air; David Steinhauer; Sujata Halder; Susan Cotmore; Peter Tattersall; Mavis Agbandje-McKenna; Richard Cummings; David Smith



Cross-comparison of Protein Recognition of Sialic Acid Diversity on Two Novel Sialoglycan Microarrays

by Vered Padler-Karavani; Xuezheng Song; Hai Yu; Nancy Hurtado-Ziola; Shengshu Huang; Saddam Muthana; Harshal A. Chokhawala; Jiansong Cheng; Andrea Verhagen; Martijn A. Langereis; Ralf Kleene; Melitta Schachner; Raoul J. de Groot; Yi Lasanajak; Haruo Matsuda; Richard Schwab; Xi Chen; David Smith; Richard D. Cummings; Ajit Varki



A Sialylated Glycan Microarray Reveals Novel Interactions of Modified Sialic Acids with Proteins and Viruses*

by Xuezheng Song; Hai Yu; Xi Chen; Yi Lasanajak; Mary M. Tappert; Gillian M. Air; Vinod K. Tiwari; Hongzhi Cao; Harshal A. Chokhawala; Haojie Zheng; Richard D. Cummings; David Smith



Upregulation of Glycans Containing 3 ' Fucose in a Subset of Pancreatic Cancers Uncovered Using Fusion-Tagged Lectins

by David Smith; S Singh; K Pal; J Yadav; H Tang; K Partyka; D Kletter; P Hsueh; E Ensink; KC Birendra; G Hostetter; HE Xu; M Bern; AS Mehta; R Brand; K Melcher; BB Haab



Cation-independent Mannose 6-Phosphate Receptor

by Richard N. Bohnsack; Xuezheng Song; Linda J. Olson; Mariko Kudo; Russell R. Gotschall; William M. Canfield; Richard Cummings; David Smith; Nancy M. Dahms



Glycan Microarray Analysis of P-type Lectins Reveals Distinct Phosphomannose Glycan Recognition

by Xuezheng Song; Yi Lasanajak; Linda J. Olson; Marielle Boonen; Nancy M. Dahms; Stuart Kornfeld; Richard Cummings; David Smith



Shotgun Glycomics: A Microarray Strategy for Functional Glycomics

by Xuezheng Song; Yi Lasanajak; Baoyun Xia; Jamie Heimburg-Molinaro; Jeanne M. Rhea; Hong Ju; Chunmei Zhao; Ross J Molinaro; Richard D. Cummings; David Smith