Dale E Edmondson PhD

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Phone: 404-727-5972

Email: deedmon@emory.edu

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Beyond the Protein Matrix: Probing Cofactor Variants in a Baeyer-Villiger Oxygenation Reaction

by Christian Martinoli; Hanna M. Dudek; Roberto Orru; Dale E Edmondson; Marco W. Fraaije; Andrea Mattevi



Molecular Insights into Human Monoamine Oxidase B Inhibition by the Glitazone Anti-Diabetes Drugs

by Claudia Binda; Milagros Aldeco; Werner J. Geldenhuys; Marcello Tortorici; Andrea Mattevi; Dale E Edmondson



Monoamine Oxidases, Oxidative Stress, and Altered Mitochondrial Dynamics in Cardiac Ageing

by Damien Maggiorani; Nicola Manzella; Dale Edmondson; Andrea Mattevi; Angelo Parini; Claudia Binda; Jeanne Mialet-Perez