Dale E Edmondson PhD

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Precursor of ether phospholipids is synthesized by a flavoenzyme through covalent catalysis

by Simone Nenci; Valentina Piano; Sara Rosati; Alessandro Aliverti; Vittorio Pandini; Marco W. Fraaije; Albert J. R. Heck; Dale Edmondson; Andrea Mattevi



Structural Basis for Benzothiazinone-Mediated Killing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

by Dale Edmondson; J Neres; F Pojer; E Molteni; LR Chiarelli; N Dhar; S Boy-Roettger; S Buroni; E Fullam; G Degiacomi; AP Lucarelli; RJ Read; G Zanoni; E De Rossi; MR Pasca; JD McKinney; PJ Dyson; G Riccardi; A Mattevi; ST Cole; C Binda



Structural and Mechanistic Studies of Mofegiline Inhibition of Recombinant Human Monoamine Oxidase B

by Erika M. Milczek; Daniele Bonivento; Claudia Binda; Andrea Mattevi; Ian A. McDonald; Dale E Edmondson



Why p-OMe- and p-Cl-beta-Methylphenethylamines Display Distinct Activities uponMAO-B Binding

by Angélica Fierro; Dale Edmondson; Cristian Celis-Barros; Marco Rebolledo-Fuentes; Gerald Zapata-Torres