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Changes in truncal obesity and fat distribution predict arterial health

by Gregory Martin; Arshed Quyyumi; Salman Sher; Danny Eapen; Ibhar Al Mheid; FE Corrigan; HM Kelli; DS Dhindsa; RE Heinl; M Hammadah; SS Hayek



Oxidative stress is associated with increased pulmonary artery systolic pressure in humans

by Nima Ghasemzadeh; Riyaz S. Patel; Danny Eapen; Emir Veledar; Hatem Al Kassem; Pankaj Manocha; Mohamed Khayata; Abarmard Zafari; Laurence Sperling; Dean Jones; Arshed Quyyumi



Soluble Urokinase Plasminogen Activator Receptor Level Is an Independent Predictor of the Presence and Severity of Coronary Artery Disease and of Future Adverse Events

by Danny Eapen; Pankaj Manocha; Nima Ghasemzedah; Riyaz S. Patel; Hatem Al Kassem; Muhammad Hammadah; Emir Veledar; Ngoc‐Anh Le; Tomasz Pielak; Christian W. Thorball; Aristea Velegraki; Dimitrios T. Kremastinos; Stamatios Lerakis; Laurence Sperling; Arshed Ali Quyyumi



Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Reduction and Cardiac Rehabilitation in Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome

by Robert E. Heinl; Devinder S. Dhindsa; Elliot N. Mahlof; William M. Schultz; Johnathan C. Ricketts; Tina Varghese; Amirhossein Esmaeeli; Marc P. Allard-Ratick; Anthony J. Millard; Heval M. Kelli; Pratik B. Sandesara; Danny Eapen; Laurence Sperling



A Temporal Abstraction-based Extract, Transform and Load Process for Creating Registry Databases for Research.

by Andrew Post; Tahsin Kurc; Marc Overcash; Dedra Cantrell; Tim Morris; Kristi Eckerson; Circe Tsui; Terry Willey; Arshed Quyyumi; Danny Eapen; Guillermo Umpierrez; David Ziemer; Joel Saltz