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Central Nervous System Manifestations of COVID-19: A Critical Review and Proposed Research Agenda

by Kelsey C Hewitt; David E Marra; Cady Block; Lucette A Cysique; Daniel Drane; Michelle Haddad; Emilia Lojek; Carrie R McDonald; Anny Reyes; Kara Eversole; Dawm Bowers



Cortical disconnection in temporal lobe epilepsy

by Ezequiel Gleichgerrcht; Tanja S Kellermann; Daniel Drane; Simon S Keller; Carrie R McDonald; Chris Rorden; Jens Jensen; Bernd Weber; Kathryn A Davis; Ruben Kuzniecky; Leonardo Bonilha



Moving towards a taxonomy of cognitive impairments in epilepsy: application of latent profile analysis to 1178 patients with temporal lobe epilepsy

by Anny Reyes; Bruce P. Hermann; Robyn M. Busch; Daniel Drane; William B. Barr; Marla J. Hamberger; Scott C. Roesch; Carrie R. Mcdonald



Apathy and actions- another consideration when theorizing about embodied nature of language in Parkinson's disease

by Logan Wolff; Jared F. Benge; Samia Ortiz-Hernandez; Samantha Beevers; Alexandra Armitage; Jungjun Park; Daniel Drane



MRI-based deep learning can discriminate between temporal lobe epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, and healthy controls.

by Allen J. Chang; Rebecca Roth; Eleni Bougioukli; Theodor Ruber; Simon S. Keller; Daniel Drane; Robert Gross; James Welsh; Anees Abrol; Vince Calhoun; Ioannis Karakis; Erik Kaestner; Bernd Weber; Carrie McDonald; Ezequiel Gleichgerrcht; Leonardo Bonilha



Topological alterations in older adults with temporal lobe epilepsy are distinct from amnestic mild cognitive impairment

by Erik Kaestner; Anny Reyes; Zhong Irene Wang; Daniel Drane; Vineet Punia; Bruce Hermann; Robyn M Busch; Carrie R McDonald