David D Koch PhD


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Tolerance for three commonly administered COVID-19 vaccines by healthcare professionals

by Stacy EF Melanson; Zhen Zhao; Attila Kumanovics; Tanzy Love; Qing H Meng; Alan HB Wu; Fred Apple; Caitlin R Ondracek; Karen M Schulz; Joseph R Wiencek; David Koch; Robert Christenson; Victoria Y Zhang



T Cell Responses Correlate with Self-Reported Disease Severity and Neutralizing Antibody Responses Predict Protection against SARS-CoV-2 Breakthrough Infection

by David Koch; Z Zhao; A Kumanovics; T Love; SEF Melanson; QH Meng; AHB Wu; J Wiencek; FS Apple; CR Ondracek; RH Christenson; YV Zhang



Acute Chloroform Ingestion Successfully Treated with Intravenously Administered N-acetylcysteine

by Damon M. Dell'Aglio; Mark E. Sutter; Michael D. Schwartz; David Koch; D.A. Algren; Brent Morgan



Albumin adsorption onto surfaces of urine collection and analysis containers

by Mary K. Robinson; Samuel P. Caudill; David D Koch; James C Ritchie; Glen Hortin; John H. Eckfeldt; Sverre Sandberg; Desmond Williams; Gary Myers; W. Greg Miller



Safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of l-ornithine phenylacetate in patients with acute liver injury/failure and hyperammonemia

by R. Todd Stravitz; Michelle Gottfried; Valerie Durkalski; Robert J. Fontana; A. James Hanje; David Koch; Bilal Hameed; Daniel Ganger; Ram Subramanian; Stan Bukofzer; William R. Ravis; Kristen Clasen; Averell Sherker; Lanna Little; William M. Lee