Dario A. Dilernia


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Balance between transmitted HLA preadapted and nonassociated polymorphisms is a major determinant of HIV-1 disease progression

by Daniela Monaco; Dario Dilernia; Andrew Fiore-Gartland; Tianwei Yu; Jessica L. Prince; Kristine K. Dennis; Kai Qin; Malinda Schaefer; Daniel T. Claiborne; William Kilembe; Jianming Tang; Matt A. Price; Paul Farmer; Jill Gilmour; Anju Bansal; Susan Allen; Paul Goepfert; Eric Hunter



Infection with multiple HIV-1 founder variants is associated with lower viral replicative capacity, faster CD4(+)T cell decline and increased immune activation during acute infection

by Gladys N. Macharia; Ling Yue; Ecco Staller; Dario Dilernia; Daniel Wilkins; Heeyah Song; Edward McGowan; Deborah King; Pat Fast; Nesrina Imami; Matthew A. Price; Eduard J. Sanders; Eric Hunter; Jill Gilmour



HIV-1 variants are archived throughout infection and persist in the reservoir

by Kelsie Brooks; Bradley R. Jones; Dario Dilernia; Daniel J. Wilkins; Daniel T. Claiborne; Samantha McInally; Jill Gilmour; William Kilembe; Jeffrey B. Joy; Susan Allen; Zabrina L. Brumme; Eric Hunter



CD8 T cells targeting adapted epitopes in chronic HIV infection promote dendritic cell maturation and CD4 T cell trans-infection

by Kai Qin; Sushma Boppana; Victor Y. Du; Jonathan M. Carlson; Ling Yue; Dario Dilernia; Eric Hunter; Robbie B. Mailliard; Simon A. Mallal; Anju Bansal; Paul A. Goepfert