Daniel L Barrow MD


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Accuracy of cardiac-induced brain motion measurement using displacement-encoding with stimulated echoes (DENSE) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): A phantom study

by Blaise Simplice Talla Nwotchouang; Maggie S Eppelheimer; Dipankar Biswas; Soroush Heidari Pahlavian; Xiaodong Zhong; John Oshinski; Daniel Barrow; Rouzbeh Amini; Francis Loth



Association of Overlapping Surgery With Patient Outcomes in a Large Series of Neurosurgical Cases

by Brian Howard; Christopher M. Holland; Christina Mehta; Ganzhong Tian; David P. Bray; Jason J. Lamanna; James G. Malcolm; Daniel Barrow; Jonathan Grossberg



Regional Brain Tissue Displacement and Strain is Elevated in Subjects with Chiari Malformation Type I Compared to Healthy Controls: A Study Using DENSE MRI

by Blaise Simplice Talla Nwotchouang; Maggie S Eppelheimer; Soroush H Pahlavian; Jack W Barrow; Daniel Barrow; Deqiang Qiu; Philip A Allen; John Oshinski; Rouzbeh Amini; Francis Loth