Cheng Zhu


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A FRET-Based Biosensor for Imaging SYK Activities in Living Cells

by Xue Xiang; Jie Sun; Jianhua Wu; Hai-Tao He; Yingxiao Wang; Cheng Zhu



Insights into T cell recognition of antigen: significance of two-dimensional kinetic parameters

by Lindsay J. Edwards; Veronika I. Zarnitsyn; Jennifer D. Hood; Brian Evavold; Cheng Zhu



Low 2-Dimensional CD4 T Cell Receptor Affinity for Myelin Sets in Motion Delayed Response Kinetics

by Kristen M. Rosenthal; Lindsay J. Edwards; Joseph J. Sabatino, Jr.; Jennifer D. Hood; Heather A. Wasserman; Cheng Zhu; Brian Evavold



A TCR mechanotransduction signaling loop induces negative selection in the thymus

by Jinsung Hong; Chenghao Ge; Prithiviraj Jothikumar; Zhou Yuan; Baoyu Liu; Ke Bai; Kaitao Li; William Rittase; Miho Shinzawa; Yun Zhang; Amy Palin; Paul Love; Xinhua Yu; Khalid Salaita; Brian Evavold; Alfred Singer; Cheng Zhu