Cheng Zhu


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Actin depolymerization under force is governed by lysine 113:glutamic acid 195-mediated catch-slip bonds

by Cho-yin Lee; Jizhong Lou; Kuo-kuang Wen; Melissa McKane; Suzanne G. Eskin; Shoichiro Ono; Shu Chien; Peter A. Rubenstein; Cheng Zhu; Larry McIntire



Programmable Multivalent DNA-Origami Tension Probes for Reporting Cellular Traction Forces

by Palash K. Dutta; Yun Zhang; Aaron Blanchard; Chenghao Ge; Muaz Rushdi; Kristin Weiss; Cheng Zhu; Yonggang Ke; Khalid Salaita



Mechano-regulation of Peptide-MHC Class I Conformations Determines TCR Antigen Recognition

by Cheng Zhu; Brian Evavold; P Wu; T Zhang; B Liu; P Fei; L Cui; R Qin; D Yao; RJ Martinez; W Hu; C An; Y Zhang; J Liu; J Shi; J Fan; W Yin; J Sun; C Zhou; X Zeng; C Xu; J Wang; W Chen; J Lou



Ligand-engaged TCR is triggered by Lck not associated with CD8 coreceptor

by Javier Casas; Joanna Brzostek; Veronika Zarnitsyna; Jin-sung Hong; Qianru Wei; John A. H. Hoerter; Guo Fu; Jeanette Ampudia; Rose Zamoyska; Cheng Zhu; Nicholas R. J. Gascoigne



Regulation of actin catch-slip bonds with a RhoA-formin module

by Cho-yin Lee; Jizhong Lou; Kuo-Kuang Wen; Melissa McKane; Suzanne G. Eskin; Peter A. Rubenstein; Shu Chien; Shoichiro Ono; Cheng Zhu; Larry McIntire



Effects of anchor structure and glycosylation of Fc gamma receptor III on ligand binding affinity

by Ning Jiang; Wei Chen; Prithiviraj Jothikumar; Jaina M. Patel; Rangaiah Shashidharamurthy; Periasamy Selvaraj; Cheng Zhu