Chad Y Mao MD


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Mislocalization of pathogenic RBM20 variants in dilated cardiomyopathy is caused by loss-of-interaction with Transportin-3

by Chad Mao; J Kornienko; M Rodriguez-Martinez; K Fenzl; F Hinze; D Schraivogel; M Grosch; B Tunaj; D Lindenhofer; L Schraft; M Kueblbeck; E Smith; E Brown; A Owens; AMM Saguner; B Meder; V Parikh; M Gotthardt; LMM Steinmetz



A preliminary investigation of sleep quality and patient-reported outcomes in pediatric solid organ transplant candidates

by Ana M. Gutierrez-Colina; Grace K. Cushman; Cyd K. Eaton; Lauren F. Quast; Jennifer Lee; Kristin L. Rich; Bonney Reed-Knight; Laura Mee; Rene Romero; Chad Mao; Roshan George; Ronald L. Blount