Cherry Wongtrakool MD


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A cross-sectional analysis of diagnosis and management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in people living with HIV

by Jerry S. Zifodya; Matthew Triplette; Shahida Shahrir; Engi F. Attia; Kathleen M. Akgun; Grant W. Soo Hoo; Maria C. Rodriguez-Barradas; Cherry Wongtrakool; Laurence Huang; Kristina Crothers



Prenatal Nicotine Exposure Alters Lung Function and Airway Geometry through α7 Nicotinic Receptors

by Cherry Wongtrakool; Ningshan Wang; Dallas M. Hyde; Jesse Roman; Eliot R. Spindel



HIV Infection Is Associated With Reduced Pulmonary Diffusing Capacity

by Kristina McGinnis; Kathleen Kleerup; Eric Wongtrakool; Kristina Crothers; Guy Soo Hoo; Joon Kim; Amir Sharafkhaneh; Laurence Huang; Zhaoyu Luo; Bruce Thompson; Philip Diaz; Gregory D. Kirk; William Rom; Roger Detels; Lawrence Kingsley; Alison Morris



A low peripheral blood CD4/CD8 ratio is associated with pulmonary emphysema in HIV

by Matthew Triplette; Engi F. Attia; Kathleen M. Akgün; Guy W. Soo Hoo; Matthew S. Freiberg; Adeel A. Butt; Cherry Wongtrakool; Matthew Bidwell Goetz; Sheldon T. Brown; Christopher J. Graber; Laurence Huang; Kristina Crothers



The Differential Impact of Emphysema on Respiratory Symptoms and 6-Minute Walk Distance in HIV Infection

by Matthew Triplette; Engi Attia; Kathleen Akgun; Monica Campo; Maria Rodriguez-Barradas; Sudhakar Pipavath; Shahida Shahrir; Cherry Wongtrakool; Matthew Bidwell Goetz; Joon Kim; Guy W. Soo Hoo; Sheldon T. Brown; Kristina Crothers



Markers of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are associated with mortality in people living with HIV

by Matthew Triplette; Amy Justice; Engi F. Attia; Janet Tate; Sheldon T. Brown; Matthew Bidwell Goetz; Joon W. Kim; Maria C. Rodriguez-Barradas; Guy W. Soo Hoo; Cherry Wongtrakool; Kathleen Akgun; Kristina Crothers



In Utero Nicotine Exposure Promotes M2 Activation in Neonatal Mice Alveolar Macrophages

by Cherry Wongtrakool; Kora Grooms; Xiao-Du Ping; Hilda Rivera; Janine Ward; Susanne Roser-Page; Jesse Roman; Lou Ann Brown; Theresa Gauthier