Conor Steuer


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Pembrolizumab and cabozantinib in recurrent metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: a phase 2 trial

by Nabil Saba; Conor Steuer; Asari Ekpenyong; Ashley McCook-Veal; Kelly Magliocca; Mihir Patel; Nicole Schmitt; William Stokes; James Bates; Soumon Rudra; Jill Remick; Mark McDonald; Marin Abousaud; Aik Choon Tan; Muhammad Zaki Hidayatullah Fadlullah; Ritu Chaudhary; Jameel Muzaffar; Kedar Kirtane; Yuan Liu; Georgia Chen; Dong Shin; Yong Teng; Christine H Chung



Efficacy and Safety of Patritumab Deruxtecan (HER3-DXd) in EGFR Inhibitor-Resistant, EGFR-Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

by Pasi A Jänne; Christina Baik; Wu-Chou Su; Melissa L Johnson; Hidetoshi Hayashi; Makoto Nishio; Dong-Wan Kim; Marianna Koczywas; Kathryn A Gold; Conor Steuer; Haruyasu Murakami; James Chih-Hsin Yang; Sang-We Kim; Michele Vigliotti; Rong Shi; Zhenhao Qi; Yang Qiu; Lihui Zhao; David Sternberg; Channing Yu; Helena A Yu



Phase II Multi-institutional Clinical Trial Result of Concurrent Cetuximab and Nivolumab in Recurrent and/or Metastatic Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

by Christine H Chung; Jiannong Li; Conor Steuer; Priyanka Bhateja; Matthew Johnson; Jude Masannat; Maria I Poole; Feifei Song; Juan C Hernandez-Prera; Helen Molina; Bruce M Wenig; Sunil Kumar; Charlotte Kuperwasser; Philip J Stephens; Joaquim M Farinhas; Dong Shin; Julie A Kish; Jameel Muzaffar; Kedar Kirtane; James W Rocco; Michael J Schell; Nabil Saba; Marcelo Bonomi



TORS elective lingual tonsillectomy has less acute morbidity than therapeutic base of tongue TORS

by Mihir Patel; Laura Ottenstein; Martha Ryan; Annie Farrell; Matthew Studer; Michael H Baddour; Kelly Magliocca; Christopher Griffith; William Stokes; Jeffrey Switchenko; Ashley Aiken; Mark El-Deiry; Arturo C Solares; Conor Steuer; Nabil Saba; Jonathan Beitler



T cell repertoire in peripheral blood as a potential biomarker for predicting response to concurrent cetuximab and nivolumab in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

by Xuefeng Wang; Jameel Muzaffar; Kedar Kirtane; Feifei Song; Matthew Johnson; Michael J Schell; Jiannong Li; Sean J Yoder; Jose R Conejo-Garcia; Jose A Guevara-Patino; Marcelo Bonomi; Priyanka Bhateja; James W Rocco; Conor Steuer; Nabil Saba; Christine H Chung



Smoking Behavior in Patients With Early-Stage NSCLC: A Report From ECOG-ACRIN 1505 Trial

by Conor Steuer; Opeyemi A Jegede; Suzanne E Dahlberg; Heather A Wakelee; Steven M Keller; William J Tester; David R Gandara; Stephen L Graziano; Alex A Adjei; Charles A Butts; Suresh Ramalingam; Joan H Schiller