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Radiotherapy patterns of care in gastric adenocarcinoma: a single institution experience.

by Jessica Cheng; Malcolm H. Squires ; John Mikell; Sarah B. Fisher; Charles Staley; David Kooby; Bassel El-Rayes; Walter Curran; William A. Hall; Lauren E. Colbert; Joseph Shelton; Shishir Maithel; Jerome Landry; David Yu



The Impact of Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9 on Survival in Patients with Clinical Stage I and II Pancreatic Cancer

by Alexa D Melucci; Alexander C Chacon; Paul R Burchard; Vasileios Tsagkalidis; Anthony S Casabianca; Subir Goyal; Jeffrey Switchenko; David Kooby; Charles Staley; David R Carpizo; Mihir Shah



A Novel Validated Recurrence Risk Score to Guide a Pragmatic Surveillance Strategy after Resection of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors: An International Study of 1006 Patients

by Mohammad Y. Zaidi; Alexandra G. Lopez-Aguiar; Jeffrey Switchenko; Joseph Lipscomb; Valentina Andreasi; Stefano Partelli; Adriana C. Gamboa; Rachel M. Lee; George A. Poultsides; Mary Dillhoff; Flavio G. Rocha; Kamran Idrees; Clifford S. Cho; Sharon M. Weber; Ryan C. Fields; Charles Staley; Massimo Falconi; Shishir Maithel



Development and Validation of an Explainable Machine Learning Model for Major Complications After Cytoreductive Surgery

by Huiyu Deng; Zahra Eftekhari; Cameron Carlin; Jula Veerapong; Keith F Fournier; Fabian M Johnston; Sean P Dineen; Benjamin D Powers; Ryan Hendrix; Laura A Lambert; Daniel E Abbott; Kara Vande Walle; Travis E Grotz; Sameer H Patel; Callisia N Clarke; Charles Staley; Sherif Abdel-Misih; Jordan M Cloyd; Byrne Lee; Yuman Fong; Mustafa Raoof



A novel preoperative risk score to optimize patient selection for performing concomitant liver resection with cytoreductive surgery/HIPEC

by Rachel M Lee; Adriana C Gamboa; Michael K Turgeon; Mohammad Y Zaidi; Charles Kimbrough; Jennifer Leiting; Travis Grotz; Andrew J Lee; Keith Fournier; Benjamin Powers; Sean Dineen; Joel M Baumgartner; Jula Veerapong; Harveshp Mogal; Callisia Clarke; Gregory Wilson; Sameer Patel; Ryan Hendrix; Laura Lambert; Courtney Pokrzywa; Daniel E Abbott; Christopher J LaRocca; Mustafa Raoof; Jonathan Greer; Fabian M Johnston; Charles Staley; Jordan M Cloyd; Shishir Maithel; Maria Russell



CHD7 Expression Predicts Survival Outcomes in Patients with Resected Pancreatic Cancer

by Lauren E. Colbert; Aleksandra V. Petrova; Sarah B. Fisher; Brooke G. Pantazides; Matthew Z. Madden; Claire W. Hardy; Matthew D. Warren; Yunfeng Pan; P Nagaraju Ganji; Elaine A. Liu; Burcu Saka; WA Hall; Joseph W Shelton; Khanjan Gandhi; Rini Pauly; Jeanne Kowalski; David A Kooby; Bassel El-Rayes; Charles Staley; Nazmi Adsay; Walter Curran Jr; Jerome C Landry; Shishir Kumar Maithel; David Yu



Pronecrotic mixed lineage kinase domain-like protein expression is a prognostic biomarker in patients with early-stage resected pancreatic adenocarcinoma

by Lauren E. Colbert; Sarah B. Fisher; Claire W. Hardy; William A. Hall; Burcu Saka; Joseph W Shelton; Aleksandra V. Petrova; Matthew D. Warren; Brooke G. Pantazides; Khanjan Gandhi; Jeanne Kowalski; David A Kooby; Bassel El-Rayes; Charles Staley; Volkan Adsay; Walter J Curran; Jerome C Landry; Shishir Kumar Maithel; David Yu



Lymphovascular and perineural invasion as selection criteria for adjuvant therapy in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma: a multi-institution analysis

by Sarah B Fisher; Sameer H Patel; David A Kooby; Sharon Weber; Mark Bloomston; Clifford Cho; Ioannis Hatzaras; Carl Schmidt; Emily Winslow; Charles Staley; Shishir Kumar Maithel