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Ethnobotany and the Role of Plant Natural Products in Antibiotic Drug Discovery

by Cassandra Quave; G Porras; F Chassagne; JT Lyles; L Marquez; M Dettweiler; AM Salam; T Samarakoon; S Shabih; DR Farrokhi



Essential Oil Composition of Pinus peuce Griseb. Needles and Twigs from Two National Parks of Kosovo

by Avni Hajdari; Behxhet Mustafa; Dashnor Nebija; Hyrmete Selimi; Zeqir Veselaj; Pranvera Breznica; Cassandra Quave; Johannes Novak



Mammea B/BA Isolated From the Seeds of Mammea americana L. (Calophyllaceae) is a Potent Inhibitor of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

by Yina Pájaro-González; Andrés F. Oliveros-Díaz; Julián Cabrera-Barraza; Eduardo Fernández-Daza; Niradiz Reyes; Oscar A. Montes-Guevara; Daneiva Caro-Fuentes; Luis Franco-Ospina; Wiston Quiñones-Fletcher; Cassandra Quave; Fredyc Díaz-Castillo



Virulence Inhibitors from Brazilian Peppertree Block Quorum Sensing and Abate Dermonecrosis in Skin Infection Models.

by Amelia Muhs; James T. Lyles; Corey P. Parlet; Kate Nelson; Jeffery S. Kavanaugh; Alexander R. Horswill; Cassandra Quave



An ethnopharmacological survey and comparative analysis of plants from the Sudhnoti District, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan

by Muhammad Faraz Khan; Zia-ur-Rahman Mashwani; Ansar Mehmood; Rehmatullah Qureshi; Rizwan Sarwar; Khawaja Shafique Ahmad; Cassandra Quave



Castaneroxy A From the Leaves of Castanea sativa Inhibits Virulence in Staphylococcus aureus

by Akram M. Salam; Gina Porras; Young-Saeng K. Cho; Morgan M. Brown; Caitlin J. Risener; Lewis Marquez; James T. Lyles; John Bacsa; Alexander R. Horswill; Cassandra Quave



Ethnobotany of the Aegadian Islands: safeguarding biocultural refugia in the Mediterranean

by Alfonso La Rosa; Laura Cornara; Alessandro Saitta; Akram M. Salam; Santo Grammatico; Marco Caputo; Tommaso La Mantia; Cassandra Quave



Antibacterial activity of plant species used for oral health againstPorphyromonas gingivalis

by Danielle H. Carrol; Francois Chassagne; Micah Dettweiler; Cassandra Quave