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High performance communication by people with paralysis using an intracortical brain-computer interface

by Chethan Pandarinath; Paul Nuyujukian; Christine H Blabe; Brittany Sorice; Jad Saab; Francis Willett; Leigh R Hochberg; Krishna V Shenoy; Jaimie M Henderson



The Representation of Finger Movement and Force in Human Motor and Premotor Cortices

by Chethan Pandarinath; RD Flint; MC Tate; K Li; JW Templer; JM Rosenow; MW Slutzky



Latent Factors and Dynamics in Motor Cortex and Their Application to Brain-Machine Interfaces

by Chethan Pandarinath; K. Cora Ames; Abigail A. Russo; Ali Farshchian; Lee E. Miller; Eva Dyer; Jonathan C. Kao



Cortical control of a tablet computer by people with paralysis

by Paul Nuyujukian; Jose Albites Sanabria; Jad Saab; Chethan Pandarinath; Beata Jarosiewicz; Christine H. Blabe; Brian Franco; Stephen T. Mernoff; Emad N. Eskandar; John D. Simeral; Leigh R. Hochberg; Krishna V. Shenoy; Jaimie M. Henderson



Inferring single-trial neural population dynamics using sequential auto-encoders

by Chethan Pandarinath; Daniel J. O'Shea; Jasmine Collins; Rafal Jozefowicz; Sergey D. Stavisky; Jonathan C. Kao; Eric M. Trautmann; Matthew T. Kaufman; Stephen I. Ryu; Leigh R. Hochberg; Jaimie M. Henderson; Krishna V. Shenoy; L. F. Abbott; David Sussillo