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Genome-wide Analysis of the Homeobox C6 Transcriptional Network in Prostate Cancer

by Colleen D. McCabe; Demetri D. Spyropoulos; David Martin; Carlos S Moreno



Detection of prostate cancer-specific transcripts in extracellular vesicles isolated from post-DRE urine

by Kathryn L. Pellegrini; Dattatraya Patil; Kristen J.S. Douglas; Grace Lee; Kathryn Wehrmeyer; Mersiha Torlak; Jeremy Clark; Colin S. Cooper; Carlos S Moreno; Martin Sanda



Evaluating intra- and inter-individual variation in the human placental transcriptome

by David A. Hughes; Martin Kircher; Zhisong He; Song Guo; Genevieve L. Fairbrother; Carlos Moreno; Philipp Khaitovich; Mark Stoneking



The OncoPPi network of cancer-focused protein-protein interactions to inform biological insights and therapeutic strategies

by Zenggang Li; Andrey Ivanov; Rina Su; Valentina Gonzalez-Pecchi; Qi Qi; Songlin Liu; Philip Webber; Elizabeth McMillan; Lauren Rusnak; Cau Pham; Xiaoqian Chen; Xiulei Mo; Brian Revennaugh; Wei Zhou; Adam Marcus; Sahar Harati; Xiang Chen; Margaret A. Johns; Michael A. White; Carlos Moreno; Lee Cooper; Yuhong Du; Fadlo Khuri; Haian Fu



Identification of the Transcription Factor Relationships Associated with Androgen Deprivation Therapy Response and Metastatic Progression in Prostate Cancer

by Nitya V. Sharma; Kathryn L. Pellegrini; Veronique Ouellet; Felipe O. Giuste; Selvi Ramalingam; Kenneth Watanabe; Eloise Adam-Granger; Lucresse Fossouo; Sungyong You; Sungyong Freeman; Paula M Vertino; Karen N Conneely; Adeboye O. Osunkoya; Dominique Trudel; Anne-Marie Mes-Masson; John A Petros; Fred Saad; Carlos S Moreno