Charles Moran Jr. PhD


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Dual-Specificity Anti-sigma Factor Reinforces Control of Cell-Type Specific Gene Expression in Bacillus subtilis

by Monica Serrano; JinXin Gao; Bota João; Ashley R. Bate; Jeffrey Meisner; Patrick Eichenberger; Charles Moran Jr.; Adriano O. Henriques



Structure of the basal components of a bacterial transporter

by Jeffrey Meisner; Tatsuya Maehigashi; Ingemar André; Christine Dunham; Charles Moran Jr.



Temporal and spatial regulation of protein cross-linking by the pre-assembled substrates of a Bacillus subtilis spore coat transglutaminase

by Catarina G. Fernandes; Diogo Martins; Guillem Hernandez; Ana L. Sousa; Carolina Freitas; Erin M. Tranfield; Tiago N. Cordeiro; Monica Serrano; Charles Moran Jr.; Adriano O. Henriques



A Negative Feedback Loop That Limits the Ectopic Activation of a Cell Type-Specific Sporulation Sigma Factor of Bacillus subtilis

by Mónica Serrano; Gonçalo Real; Joana Santos; Jorge Carneiro; Charles Moran Jr.; Adriano O. Henriques



A Conserved Cysteine Residue of Bacillus subtilis SpoIIIJ Is Important for Endospore Development

by Luísa Corte; Filipa Valente; Mónica Serrano; Cláudio M. Gomes; Charles Moran Jr.; Adriano O. Henriques



SpoVID functions as a non-competitive hub that connects the modules for assembly of the inner and outer spore coat layers in Bacillus subtilis

by Filipa Nunes; Catarina Fernandes; Carolina Freitas; Eleonora Marini; Monica Serrano; Charles Moran Jr.; Patrick Eichenberger; Adriano O. Henriques