Carolyn Miller Reilly RN, PhD


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Troponin is unrelated to outcomes in heart failure patients discharged from the emergency department.

by Gregory J Fermann; Jon W Schrock; Phillip D Levy; Peter Pang; Javed Butler; Annna Marie Chang; Douglas Char; Deborah Diercks; Jin H Han; Brian Hiestand; Chris Hogan; Cathy A Jenkins; Christy Kampe; Yosef Khan; Vijaya A Kumar; Sangil Lee; Joann Lindenfeld; Dandan Liu; Karen F Miller; Frank W Peacock; Carolyn Reilly; Chad Robichaux; Russell L Rothman; Wesley H Self; Adam J Singer; Sarah A Sterling; Alan B Storrow; William B Stubblefield; Cheryl Walsh; John Wilburn; Sean P Collins



A literature synthesis of symptom prevalence and severity in persons receiving active cancer treatment

by Carolyn Miller Reilly; Deborah W. Bruner; Sandra A. Mitchell; Lori M. Minasian; Ethan Basch; Amylou C. Dueck; David Cella; Bryce B. Reeve