Christine Heim


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Childhood adversity correlates with stable changes in DNA methylation trajectories in children and converges with epigenetic signatures of prenatal stress

by Jade Martins; Darina Czamara; Susann Sauer; Monika Rex-Haffner; Katja Dittrich; Peggy Dörr; Karin de Punder; Judith Overfeld; Andrea Knop; Felix Dammering; Sonja Entringer; Sibylle M Winter; Claudia Buss; Christine Heim; Elisabeth Binder



Impact of acute psychosocial stress on peripheral blood gene expression pathways in healthy men

by Urs M. Nater; Toni Whistler; William Lonergan; Tanja Mletzko; Suzanne D. Vernon; Christine Heim



Coping styles in chronic fatigue syndrome: Findings from a population-based study

by Urs M Nater; Elizabeth Maloney; Jin-Mann S Lin; Christine Heim; William C Reeves



The effects of child abuse and neglect on cognitive functioning in adulthood

by Felicia Gould; Jennifer Clarke; Christine Heim; Philip D Harvey; Matthias Majer; Charles B Nemeroff