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When case reporting becomes untenable: Can sewer networks tell us where COVID-19 transmission occurs?

by Yuke Wang; Pengbo Liu; Jamie VanTassell; Stephen P Hilton; Lizheng Guo; Orlando Sablon; Marlene Wolfe; Lorenzo Freeman; Wayne Rose; Carl Holt; Mikita Browning; Michael Bryan; Lance Waller; Peter Teunis; Christine Moe



Comparison of Nanotrap((R)) Microbiome A Particles, membrane filtration, and skim milk workflows for SARS-CoV-2 concentration in wastewater

by Christine Moe; Pengbo Liu; Marlene Wolfe; L Guo; M Cavallo; C Cantrell; SP Hilton; A Nguyen; A Long; J Dunbar; R Barbero; R Barclay; O Sablon III; B Lepene



Norovirus Infectivity in Humans and Persistence in Water

by Scot R. Seitz; Juan Leon; Kellogg J. Schwab; G Marshall Lyon III; Melissa Dowd; Marisa McDaniels; Gwen Abdulhafid; Marina L. Fernandez; Lisa C. Lindesmith; Ralph S. Baric; Christine L Moe



Randomized, Double-Blinded Clinical Trial for Human Norovirus Inactivation in Oysters by High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing

by Juan Leon; David H. Kingsley; Julia S. Montes; Gary P. Richards; G Marshall Lyon III; Gwen M. Abdulhafid; Scot R. Seitz; Marina L. Fernandez; Peter Teunis; George J. Flick; Christine L Moe



Effectiveness of Liquid Soap and Hand Sanitizer against Norwalk Virus on Contaminated Hands

by Pengbo Liu; Yvonne Yuen; Hui-Mien Hsiao; Lee-Ann Jaykus; Christine L Moe



Water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure and quality in rural healthcare facilities in Rwanda

by Alexandra Huttinger; Robert Dreibelbis; Felix Kayigamba; Fidel Ngabo; Leodomir Mfura; Brittney Merryweather; Amelie Cardon; Christine Moe



Elevated Fecal Mitochondrial DNA from Symptomatic Norovirus Infections Suggests Potential Health Relevance of Human Mitochondrial DNA in Fecal Source Tracking

by Kevin J Zhu; Brittany Suttner; Jackie Knee; Drew Capone; Christine Moe; Christine E Stauber; Kostas T Konstantinidis; Thomas E Wallach; Amy J Pickering; Joe Brown



Heterogeneity in norovirus shedding duration affects community risk

by MO Milbrath; IH Spicknall; Christine Moe; JL Zelner; JNS Eisenberg