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Heterogeneity in norovirus shedding duration affects community risk

by Christine Moe; MO Milbrath; IH Spicknall; JL Zelner; JNS Eisenberg



Evaluation of Low-Cost Phage-Based Microbial Source Tracking Tools for Elucidating Human Fecal Contamination Pathways in Kolkata, India

by Christine Moe; Renuka Kapoor; J Ebdon; A Wadhwa; G Chowdhury; Y Wang; SJ Raj; C Siesel; SE Durry; W Mairinger; AK Mukhopadhyay; S Kanungo; S Dutta



Norovirus Vaccine Against Experimental Human GII.4 Virus Illness: A Challenge Study in Healthy Adults

by David I. Bernstein; Robert L. Atmar; G Marshall Lyon III; John J. Treanor; Wilbur H. Chen; Xi Jiang; Jan Vinje; Nicole Gregoricus; Robert W. Frenck; Christine L Moe; Mohamed S. Al-Ibrahim; Jill Barrett; Jennifer Ferreira; Mary K. Estes; David Y. Graham; Robert Goodwin; Astrid Borkowski; Ralf Clemens; Paul M. Mendelman



Wastewater surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in Bangladesh: Opportunities and challenges

by Christine Moe; R Haque; SJ Raj; L Ong; K Charles; AG Ross; T Shirin; R Raqib; P Sarker; M Rahman; MZ Rahman; N Amin; ZH Mahmud; D Johnston; N Akter; TA Khan; MA Hossain; R Hasan; MT Islam; P Bhattacharya



Early warning of a COVID-19 surge on a university campus based on wastewater surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 at residence halls

by Colleen Kraft; Christine Moe; Pengbo Liu; Y Wang; H Zhang; M Ibaraki; J VanTassell; K Geith; M Cavallo; R Kann; L Saber; M Lane; S Shartar



The Role of the Gut Microbiome in Resisting Norovirus Infection as Revealed by a Human Challenge Study

by Nastassia V. Patin; A. Pena-Gonzalez; J. K. Hatt; Christine Moe; Amy Kirby; Kostas T. Konstantinidis



Factors associated with health facility deliveries among mothers living in hospital catchment areas in Rukungiri and Kanungu districts, Uganda

by Christine Moe; Joanne McGriff; RK Mugambe; H Yakubu; ST Wafula; T Ssekamatte; S Kasasa; JB Isunju; AA Halage; J Osuret; C Bwire; JC Ssempebwa; Y Wang



Quantitative assessment of exposure to fecal contamination in urban environment across nine cities in low-income and lower-middle-income countries and a city in the United States

by Christine Moe; Y Wang; W Mairinger; SJ Raj; H Yakubu; C Siesel; J Green; S Durry; G Joseph; M Rahman; N Amin; MZ Hassan; J Wicken; D Dourng; E Larbi; LAB Adomako; AK Senayah; B Doe; R Buamah; JNN Tetteh-Nortey; G Kang; A Karthikeyan; S Roy; J Brown; B Muneme; SO Sene; B Tuffuor; RK Mugambe; NL Bateganya; T Surridge; GM Ndashe; K Ndashe; R Ban; A Schrecongost