Christine L Moe PhD

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SPH: Global Health

School Of Public Health

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Immunology of Norovirus Infection

by Christine Moe; Juan Leon; M Souza; Q Wang; ER Smith; LJ Saif



Snow Mountain Virus recovery by synthetic human histo-blood group antigens is heavily influenced by matrix effects

by Amy Kirby; Christine Moe; Y Kienast; M Aldeco; M Steele; AN Dhawane; D Liu; X Cui; A Das; S Iyer



Prediction of Low Community Sanitation Coverage Using Environmental and Sociodemographic Factors in Amhara Region, Ethiopia

by William E. Oswald; Aisha E.P. Stewart; William Flanders; Michael Kramer; Tekola Endeshaw; Mulat Zerihun; Birhanu Melaku; Eshetu Sata; Demelash Gessesse; Tesfaye Teferi; Zerihun Tadesse; Birhan Guadie; Jonathan D. King; Paul Emerson; Elizabeth K. Callahan; Christine Moe; Thomas Clasen



Norovirus Infectivity in Humans and Persistence in Water

by Scot R. Seitz; Juan Leon; Kellogg J. Schwab; G Marshall Lyon III; Melissa Dowd; Marisa McDaniels; Gwen Abdulhafid; Marina L. Fernandez; Lisa C. Lindesmith; Ralph S. Baric; Christine L Moe



Randomized, Double-Blinded Clinical Trial for Human Norovirus Inactivation in Oysters by High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing

by Juan Leon; David H. Kingsley; Julia S. Montes; Gary P. Richards; G Marshall Lyon III; Gwen M. Abdulhafid; Scot R. Seitz; Marina L. Fernandez; Peter Teunis; George J. Flick; Christine L Moe



Effectiveness of Liquid Soap and Hand Sanitizer against Norwalk Virus on Contaminated Hands

by Pengbo Liu; Yvonne Yuen; Hui-Mien Hsiao; Lee-Ann Jaykus; Christine L Moe



Water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure and quality in rural healthcare facilities in Rwanda

by Alexandra Huttinger; Robert Dreibelbis; Felix Kayigamba; Fidel Ngabo; Leodomir Mfura; Brittney Merryweather; Amelie Cardon; Christine Moe