Cheryl Maier MD, PhD


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Retinopathy and Systemic Disease Morbidity in Severe COVID-19

by Jessica Shantha; Sara Auld; Casey Anthony; Laura Ward; Max W Adelman; Cheryl Maier; Kenneth W Price; Jesse Jacob; Tolu Fashina; Casey Randleman; Lucy T Xu; Joshua Barnett; Ofer Sadan; Prem A Kandiah; Jay Varkey; Colleen Kraft; Nadine Rouphael; Susanne Linderman; Rafi Ahmed; Carolyn Drews-Botsch; Jesse Waggoner; Maxwell Weinmann; David Murphy; Steven Yeh



COVID-19 convalescent plasma donor recruitment experience from the perspective of a hospital transfusion medicine service

by Jenna Wade; Edward A Dent; Melanie S Wooten; Mitchell Moosavi; Hailly Butler; Chhristopher Lough; Hans Verkerke; Nourine A Kamili; Cheryl Maier; Cassandra Josephson; John Roback; Sean Stowell; Harold Sullivan