Christian P Larsen MD/PhD

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Phone: 404-712-6562


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SOM: Surgery: Transplant

School Of Medicine

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Immunogenetic Management Software: a new tool for visualization and analysis of complex immunogenetic datasets

by Z. P. Johnson; R. D. Eady; S. F. Ahmad; S. Agravat; T Morris; S. M. Lank; R. W. Wiseman; D. H. O’Connor; M. C. T. Penedo; James Else; Christian P Larsen; Leslie S. Kean



A Novel Monoclonal Antibody to CD40 Prolongs Islet Allograft Survival

by Michael Charles Lowe; Idelberto R. Badell; P. Thompson; B. Martin; F. Leopardi; Elizabeth Strobert; A.A. Price; H.S. Abdulkerim; R. Wang; Neal N. Iwakoshi; A.B. Adams; Allan D Kirk; Christian P Larsen; K.A. Reimann



Alternative Immunomodulatory Strategies for Xenotransplantation: CD40/154 Pathway-sparing Regimens Promote Xenograft Survival

by P. Thompson; Idelberto R. Badell; Michael Charles Lowe; A. Turner; J. Cano; Jose G Avila; A. Azimzadeh; X. Cheng; R. Pierson; Brandi Johnson; Jan Marie Robertson; M. Song; F. Leopardi; Elizabeth Strobert; G. Korbutt; G. Rayat; R. Rajotte; Christian P Larsen; Allan D Kirk



CD40 Blockade Combines with CTLA4Ig and Sirolimus To Produce Mixed Chimerism in an MHC-defined Rhesus Macaque Transplant Model

by Andrew Page; Swetha Srinivasan; Karnail Singh; Maria C. Russell; Kelly Hamby; Taylor Deane; Sharon Sen; Linda Stempora; Frank Leopardi; Andrew A. Price; Elizabeth Strobert; Keith A. Reimann; Allan D Kirk; Christian P Larsen; Leslie S. Kean