Christopher LaRock


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Group A Streptococcal M1 Protein Provides Resistance against the Antimicrobial Activity of Histones

by Simon Dohrmann; Christopher LaRock; Ericka L. Anderson; Jason N. Cole; Brinda Ryali; Chelsea Stewart; Poochit Nonejuie; Joe Pogliano; Ross Corriden; Partho Ghosh; Victor Nizet



Chemical Optimization of Selective Pseudomonas aeruginosa LasB Elastase Inhibitors and Their Impact on LasB-Mediated Activation of IL-1β in Cellular and Animal Infection Models

by Martin J. Everett; David T. Davies; Simon Leiris; Nicolas Sprynski; Agustina Llanos; Jerome M Castandet; Clarisse Lozano; Christopher LaRock; Doris L. LaRock; Giuseppina Corsica; Jean-Denis Docquier; Thomas D. Pallin; Andrew Cridland; Toby Blench; Magdalena Zalacain; Marc Lemonnier



Constitutive secretion of pro-IL-18 allows keratinocytes to initiate inflammation during bacterial infection.

by Anders F. Johnson; Jenna S. Sands; Keya M. Trivedi; Raedeen Russell; Dorris LaRock; Christopher LaRock



3D bioprinting of nanoparticle-laden hydrogel scaffolds with enhanced antibacterial and imaging properties

by Andrea S. Theus; Liqun Ning; Gabriella Kabboul; Boeun Hwang; Martin L. Tomov; Christopher LaRock; Holly Bauser-Heaton; Morteza Mahmoudi; Vahid Serpooshan



3D Bioprinted Bacteriostatic Hyperelastic Bone Scaffold for Damage-Specific Bone Regeneration

by Mohammadreza Shokouhimehr; Andrea S. Theus; Archana Kamalakar; Liqun Ning; Cong Cao; Martin L. Tomov; Jarred Kaiser; Steven Goudy; Nick Willett; Ho Won Jang; Christopher LaRock; Philip Hanna; Aron Lechtig; Mohamed Yousef; Janaina Da Silva Martins; Ara Nazarian; Mitchel B. Harris; Morteza Mahmoudi; Vahid Serpooshan



Group A Streptococcal S Protein Utilizes Red Blood Cells as Immune Camouflage and Is a Critical Determinant for Immune Evasion

by Igor H. Wierzbicki; Anaamika Campeau; Diana Dehaini; Maya Holay; Xiaoli Wei; Trever Greene; Man Ying; Jenna S. Sands; Anne Lamsa; Elina Zuniga; Kit Pogliano; Ronnie H. Fang; Christopher LaRock; Liangfang Zhang; David J. Gonzalez



Inflammasome inhibition blocks cardiac glycoside cell toxicity

by Doris L. LaRock; Jenna S. Sands; Ethan Ettouati; Marine Richard; Paul J. Bushway; Eric D. Adler; Victor Nizet; Christopher LaRock