Christine Kempton MD, MSc


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A study of prospective surveillance for inhibitors among persons with haemophilia in the United States

by J. Michael Soucie; Connie H. Miller; Fiona M. Kelly; Amanda B. Payne; Melissa Creary; Paula L. Bockenstedt; Christine Kempton; Marilyn J. Manco-Johnson; Anne T. Neff



Inhibitor recurrence after immune tolerance induction: a multicenter retrospective cohort study

by A. Antun; P.E. Monahan; M.J. Manco-Johnson; M.U. Callaghan; M. Kanin; C. Knoll; S.L. Carpenter; J.A. Davis; M.F. Guerrera; R. Kruse-Jarres; M.V. Ragni; C. Witmer; C.E. McCracken; Christine Kempton



Reliability of patient-reported outcome instruments in US adults with hemophilia: the Pain, Functional Impairment and Quality of life (P-FiQ) study

by Christine Kempton; Michael Wang; Michael Recht; Anne Neff; Amy D. Shapiro; Amit Soni; Roshni Kulkarni; Tyler W. Buckner; Katharine Batt; Neeraj N. Iyer; David L. Cooper



A cross-sectional analysis of cardiovascular disease in the hemophilia population.

by Suman L. Sood; Dunlei Cheng; Margaret Ragni; Craig M. Kessler; Doris Quon; Amy D. Shapiro; Nigel S. Key; Marilyn J. Manco-Johnson; Adam Cuker; Christine Kempton; Tzu-Fei Wang; M. Elaine Eyster; Philip Kuriakose; Annette von Drygalski; Joan Cox Gill; Allison Wheeler; Peter Kouides; Miguel A. Escobar; Cindy Leissinger; Sarah Galdzicka; Marshall Corson; Crystal Watson; Barbara A. Konkle



Reduced bone formation in males and increased bone resorption in females drive bone loss in hemophilia A mice

by M. Neale Weitzmann; Susanne Roser-Page; Tatyana Vikulina; Daiana Weiss; Li Hao; W. Hunter Baldwin; Kanglun Yu; Natalia del Mazo Arbona; Meghan E. McGee-Lawrence; Shannon Meeks; Christine Kempton



Survey of the anti-factor IX immunoglobulin profiles in patients with hemophilia B using a fluorescence-based immunoassay

by Brian Boylan; Anne S. Rice; Anne T. Neff; Marilyn J. Manco-Johnson; Christine Kempton; Connie H. Miller



In non-severe hemophilia A the risk of inhibitor after intensive factor treatment is greater in older patients: a case-control study

by Christine Kempton; John M. Soucie; C. H. Miller; C. Hooper; M. A. Escobar; A. J. Cohen; N. S. Key; A. R. Thompson; T. C. Abshire