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Effects of Storage Duration and Volume on the Quality of Leukoreduced Apheresis-derived Platelets: Implications for Pediatric Transfusion Medicine

by Anne M. Winkler; Chelsea A. Sheppard; Elizabeth E. Culler; Robert L. Myers; Alexander Ducan; Marta-Ines Castillejo; Christopher D. Hillyer; Cassandra D Josephson



Comparison of Antibody Class-Specific SARS-CoV-2 Serologies for the Diagnosis of Acute COVID-19

by Hans Verkerke; Michael Horwath; Bejan Saeedi; Darra Boyer; Jerry W. Allen; Joshua Owens; Connie Arthur; Hirotomo Nakahara; Jennifer Rha; Kashyap Patel; Shang-Chuen Wu; Anu Paul; Nini Yasin; Jianmei Wang; Sooncheon Shin; DeAndre Brown; Katherine Normile; Lisa Cole; Mark Meyers; Heather Lin; Emily Woods; Jennifer Isaac; Kari Broder; Jenna Wade; Robert C. Kauffman; Ravi Patel; Cassandra Josephson; Stacian Reynolds; Melanie Sherman; Jens Wrammert; David Alter; Jeannette Guarner; John Roback; Andrew Neish; Sean Stowell



Are We Forgetting About IgA? A Re-examination of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Convalescent Plasma

by Cassandra Josephson; John Roback; Andrew Neish; Sean Stowell; Satheesh Chonat; Cheryl Maier; H Verkerke; BJ Saeedi; D Boyer; JW Allen; J Owens; S Shin; M Horwath; K Patel; A Paul; S-C Wu; J Wang; A Ho; PE Zerra; CM Arthur; C Lough



Bleeding Assessment Scale in Critically Ill Children (BASIC): Physician-Driven Diagnostic Criteria for Bleeding Severity

by Marianne E. Nellis; Marisa Tucci; Jacques Lacroix; Philip C. Spinella; Kelly D. Haque; Arabela Stock; Marie E. Steiner; E. Vincent S. Faustino; Nicole D. Zantek; Cassandra Josephson