Curtis Henry


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Talin-dependent integrin activation is required for endothelial proliferation and postnatal angiogenesis

by Brian Petrich; Curtis Henry; FE Pulous; JC Carnevale; Z Al-Yafeai; BH Pearson; JAG Hamilton; AW Orr



OLT1177, a ss-sulfonyl nitrile compound, safe in humans, inhibits the NLRP3 inflammasome and reverses the metabolic cost of inflammation

by Carlo Marchetti; Benjamin Swartzwelter; Fabia Gamboni; Charles P. Neff; Katrin Richter; Tania Azam; Sonia Carta; Isak Tengesdal; Travis Nemkov; Angelo D'Alessandro; Curtis Henry; Gerald S. Jones; Scott A. Goodrich; Joseph P. St. Laurent; Terry M. Jones; Curtis L. Scribner; Robert B. Barrow; Roy D. Altman; Damaris B. Skouras; Marco Gattorno; Veronika Grau; Sabina Janciauskiene; Anna Rubartelli; Leo A. B. Joosten; Charles A. Dinarello



Interleukin-37 improves T-cell-mediated immunity and chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy in aged backgrounds

by Jamie A. G. Hamilton; Miyoung Lee; Rae Hunter; Raira S. Ank; Jamie Y. Story; Ganesh Talekar; Talia Sisroe; Dov B. Ballak; Andrew Fedanov; Christopher Porter; Elan Z. Eisenmesser; Charles A. Dinarello; Sunil Raikar; James DeGregori; Curtis Henry



MERTK inhibition alters the PD-1 axis and promotes anti-leukemia immunity.

by Alisa B. Lee-Sherick; Kristen M. Jacobsen; Curtis Henry; Madeline G. Huey; Rebecca E. Parker; Lauren S. Page; Amanda A. Hill; Xiaodong Wang; Stephen V. Frye; H. Shelton Earp; Craig T. Jordan; Deborah DeRyckere; Doug Graham



Rapid Assembly and Screening of Multivalent Immune Cell-Redirecting Therapies for Leukemia

by Priscilla Do; Lacey A. Perdue; Andrew Chyong; Rae Hunter; Jodi Dougan; Curtis Henry; Christopher Porter; Erik Dreaden



IL12 Abrogates Calcineurin-Dependent Immune Evasion during Leukemia Progression

by Jennifer L. Rabe; Lori Gardner; Rae Hunter; Jairo A. Fonseca; Jodi Dougan; Christy M. Gearheart; Michael S. Leibowitz; Cathy Lee-Miller; Dmitry Baturin; Susan P. Fosmire; Susan E. Zelasko; Courtney L. Jones; Jill E. Slansky; Manali Rupji; Bhakti Dwivedi; Curtis Henry; Christopher Porter