Cari Jo Clark


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Impact evaluation of the Care Tipping Point Initiative in Nepal: study protocol for a mixed-methods cluster randomised controlled trial

by Kathryn Yount; Cari Clark; Irina Bergenfeld; Zara Khan; Yuk Cheong; Sadhvi Kalra; Sudhindra Sharma; Shuvechha Ghimire; Ruchira T Naved; Kausar Parvin; Mahfuz Al Mamun; Aloka Talukder; Anne Laterra; Anne Sprinkel



Diagnosing Norms Surrounding Sexual Harassment at a Jordanian University

by Irina Bergenfeld; Beniamino Cislaghi; Kathryn Yount; Aida A Essaid; Jude Sajdi; Rand Abu Taleb; Grace L Morrow; Janice S D Souza; Rachael A Spencer; Cari Clark



Child socioeconomic status, childhood adversity and adult socioeconomic status in a nationally representative sample of young adults

by Shakira Suglia; Ryan Saelee; Iridian A Guzmán; Leonie K Elsenburg; Cari Clark; Bruce G Link; Karestan C Koenen



Does striving to succeed come at a physiological or psychosocial cost for adults who experienced child maltreatment?

by Jenalee R. Doom; Vivienne M. Hazzard; Katherine W. Bauer; Cari Clark; Alison L. Miller



Disability status, intimate partner violence and perceived social support among married women in three districts of the Terai region of Nepal.

by Jhumka Gupta; Lauren F Cardoso; Gemma Ferguson; Binita Shrestha; Prabin Nanicha Shrestha; Courtney Harris; Nora Groce; Cari Clark