Cari Jo Clark


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Psychosocial Distress and Stroke Risk in Older Adults

by Kimberly M. Henderson; Cari Clark; Tene Lewis; Neelum T. Aggarwal; Todd Beck; Hongfei Guo; Scott Lunos; Ann Brearley; Carlos F. Mendes de Leon; Denis A. Evans; Susan A. Everson-Rose



Social norms and women's risk of intimate partner violence in Nepal

by Cari Clark; Gemma Ferguson; Binita Shrestha; Prabin Nanicha Shrestha; J. Michael Oakes; Jhumka Gupta; Susi McGhee; Yuk Fai Cheong; Kathryn Yount



Effect of Partner Violence in Adolescence and Young Adulthood on Blood Pressure and Incident Hypertension

by Cari Clark; Susdan A. Everson-Rose; Alvaro Alonso; Richard A. Spencer; Sonya S. Brady; Michael D. Resnick; Iris W. Borowsky; John E. Connett; Robert F. Krueger; Shakira Suglia



Child maltreatment and hypertension in young adulthood

by Shakira Suglia; Cari Clark; Renée Boynton-Jarrett; Nancy R. Kressin; Karestan C. Koenen



Beyond interviews and focus groups: a framework for integrating innovative qualitative methods into randomised controlled trials of complex public health interventions

by Katy Davis; Nicole Minckas; Virginia Bond; Cari Clark; Tim Colbourn; Sarah J. Drabble; Therese Hesketh; Zelee Hill; Joanna Morrison; Oliver Mweemba; David Osrin; Audrey Prost; Janet Seeley; Maryam Shahmanesh; Esther J. Spindler; Erin Stern; Katrina M. Turner; Jenevieve Mannell