Carol J Hogue PhD/MPH


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Associations Between the Features of Gross Placental Morphology and Birthweight

by Alexa A. Freedman; Carol Hogue; Carmen Marsit; Augustine Rajakumar; Alicia Smith; Robert L. Goldenberg; Donald J. Dudley; George R. Saade; Robert M. Silver; Karen J. Gibbins; Barbara Stoll; Radek Bukowski; Carolyn Drews-Botsch



Altered fetal growth, placental abnormalities, and stillbirth

by Radek Bukowski; Nellie I. Hansen; Halit Pinar; Marian Willinger; Uma M. Reddy; Corette B. Parker; Robert M. Silver; Donald J. Dudley; Barbara Stoll; George R. Saade; Matthew A. Koch; Carol Hogue; Michael W. Varner; Deborah L. Conway; Donald Coustan; Robert L. Goldenberg



The confounder matrix: A tool to assess confounding bias in systematic reviews of observational studies of etiology

by Jilie M Petersen; Malcolm Barrett; Katherine A Ahrens; Eleanor J Murray; Allison S Bryant; Carol Hogue; Sunni L Mumford; Salini Gadupudi; Matthew Fox; Ludovic Trinquart



Stillbirth Associated With Infection in a Diverse U.S. Cohort.

by Jessica M Page; Tyler Bardsley; Vanessa Thorsten; Amanda A Allshouse; Michael W Varner; Michelle P Debbink; Donlad J Dudley; George R Saade; Robert L Goldenberg; Barbara Stoll; Carol Hogue; Radek Bukowski; Deborah Conway; Uma M Reddy; Robert M Silver