Charles Gillespie MD/PhD

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SOM: Psych: Adult

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Examining Individual and Synergistic Contributions of PTSD and Genetics to Blood Pressure: A Trans-Ethnic Meta-Analysis

by Alicia Smith; Charles Gillespie; Vasiliki Michopoulos; Bekh Bradley-Davino; Tanja Jovanovic; Barbara Rothbaum; Adriana Lori; Jennifer Stevens; JA Sumner; AX Maihofer; LM Almli; OA Andreassen; AE Ashley-Koch; DG Baker; JC Beckham; B Bradley; G Breen; JR Coleman; AM Dale; MF Dennis; NC Feeny; CE Franz; ME Garrett; G Guffanti; MA Hauser; SMJ Hemmings; NA Kimbrel; WS Kremen; BR Lawford; MW Logue; MJ Lyons; J Maples-Keller; MR Mavissakalian; RE McGlinchey; D Mehta; R Mellor; W Milberg; MW Miller; CP Morris; MS Panizzon; KJ Ressler; VB Risbrough; P Roy-Byrne; S Seedat; LL van den Heuvel; J Voisey; RM Young; LA Zoellner; CM Nievergelt; EJ Wolf



Acute and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in a Prospective Gene x Environment Study of a University Campus Shooting

by Kristina B. Mercer; Holly K. Orcutt; Jeffrey F. Quinn; Caitlin A. Fitzgerald; Karen N Conneely; Richard T. Barfield; Charles Gillespie; Kerry Ressler



Influence of Child Abuse on Adult Depression

by Rebekah G. Bradley; Elisabeth B. Binder; Michael Epstein; Yilang Tang; Hemu P. Nair; Wei Liu; Charles Gillespie; Tiina Berg; Mark Evces; D. Jeffrey Newport; Zachary N Stowe; Christine M. Heim; Charles B. Nemeroff; Ann Schwartz; Joseph F Cubells; Kerry Ressler



Association of FKBP5 Polymorphisms and Childhood Abuse With Risk of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in Adults

by Elisabeth B. Binder; Rebekah G. Bradley; Wei Liu; Michael Epstein; Todd C. Deveau; Kristina B. Mercer; Yilang Tang; Charles Gillespie; Christine M. Heim; Charles B. Nemeroff; Ann Schwartz; Joseph F Cubells; Kerry Ressler



Differential genetic and epigenetic regulation of catechol-O-methyltransferase is associated with impaired fear inhibition in posttraumatic stress disorder

by Seth Davin Norrholm; Tanja Jovanovic; Alicia Smith; Elisabeth Binder; Torsten Klengel; Karen Conneely; Kristina B. Mercer; Jennifer S. Davis; Kimberly Kerley; Jennifer Winkler; Charles Gillespie; Bekh Bradley-Davino; Kerry J. Ressler