Christina Gavegnano


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Antiretroviral monocyte efficacy score linked to cognitive impairment in HIV

by Cecilia M. Shikuma; Beau Nakamoto; Bruce Shiramizu; Chin-Yuan Liang; Victor DeGruttola; Kara Bennett; Robert Paul; Kalpana Kallianpur; Dominic Chow; Christina Gavegnano; Selwyn Hurwitz; Raymond F Schinazi; Victor G. Valcour



Randomized Trial of Ruxolitinib in Antiretroviral-Treated Adults With Human Immunodeficiency Virus

by Jeffrey Lennox; Vincent Marconi; Raymond Schinazi; Carlos del Rio; Selwyn Hurwitz; Christina Gavegnano; Rafick-Pierre Sekaly; C Moser; SG Deeks; MM Lederman; ET Overton; A Tsibris; PW Hunt; A Kantor; R Tressler; C Flexner; D Moisi; B Clagett; WR Hardin; C Del Rio



Ruxolitinib sensitizes ovarian cancer to reduced dose Taxol, limits tumor growth and improves survival in immune competent mice

by Patrick M. Reeves; Mojgan A. Abbaslou; Farah R.W. Kools; Kritchai Vutipongsatorn; Xiaoyun Tong; Christina Gavegnano; Raymond F Schinazi; Mark C. Poznansky



Novel mechanisms to inhibit HIV reservoir seeding using Jak inhibitors

by Christina Gavegnano; Jessica H. Brehm; Franck P. Dupuy; Aarthi Talla; Susan Pereira Ribeiro; Deanna A. Kulpa; Cheryl Cameron; Stephanie Santos; Selwyn Hurwitz; Vincent Marconi; Jean-Pierre Routy; Laurent Sabbagh; Raymond F Schinazi; Rafick Pierre Sekaly