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Antiretroviral drug exposure in urethral and glans surface sampling of the penis

by Colleen Kelley; RE Haaland; J Fountain; C Dinh; LD Lupo; A Martin; C Conway-Washington; L Hall; JG Garcia-Lerma; W Heneine



Evaluation of Antiretroviral Drug Concentrations in Minimally Invasive Specimens for Potential Development of Point-of-Care Drug Assays

by Colleen Kelley; RE Haaland; A Martin; M Mengesha; C Dinh; J Fountain; LD Lupo; L Hall; C Conway-Washington



AIDSVAX protein boost improves breadth and magnitude of vaccine-induced HIV-1 envelope-specific responses after a 7-year rest period

by Yunda Huang; Kelly E Seaton; Martin Casapia; Laura Polakowski; Steven De Rosa; Kristen Cohen; Chenchen Yu; Marnie Elizaga; Carmen Paez; Maurine D Miner; Colleen Kelley; Janine Maenza; Michael Keefer; Javier R Lama; Magdalena Sobieszczyk; Susan Buchbinder; Lindsey R Badenj; Carter Lee; Vineeta Gulati; Faruk Sinangil; David Montefiori; Julie McElrath; Georgia D Tomaras; Harriet L Robinson; Paul Goepfert



Safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of two Zika virus DNA vaccine candidates in healthy adults: randomised, open-label, phase 1 clinical trials

by Mark Mulligan; Srilatha Edupuganti; Nadine Rouphael; Colleen Kelley; MR Gaudinski; KV Houser; KM Morabito; Z Hu; G Yamshchikov; RS Rothwell; N Berkowitz; F Mendoza; JG Saunders; L Novik; CS Hendel; LA Holman; IJ Gordon; JH Cox; MA McArthur; KE Lyke; GE Cummings; S Sitar; RT Bailer; BM Foreman; K Burgomaster; RS Pelc; DN Gordon; CR DeMaso; KA Dowd; C Laurencot; RM Schwartz; JR Mascola; BS Graham; TC Pierson; JE Ledgerwood; GL Chen



"Cure" Versus "Clinical Remission": The Impact of a Medication Description on the Willingness of People Living with HIV to Take a Medication

by Ilona Fridman; Peter A Ubel; Jennifer Blumenthal-Barby; Cameron England; Judith S Currier; Nir Eyal; Kenneth A Freedberg; Scott D Halpern; Colleen Kelley; Daniel R Kuritzkes; Catherine N Le; Jeffrey Lennox; Kathryn Pollak; Brian J Zikmund-Fisher; Karen A Scherr