Christopher Ethier

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Professor & Interim Chair, SOM

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School Of Medicine

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The relationship between outflow resistance and trabecular meshwork stiffness in mice

by Ke Wang; Guorong Li; A. Thomas Read; Iris Navarro; Ashim K. Mitra; W. Daniel Stamer; Todd Sulchek; Ross Ethier



Effects of Peripapillary Scleral Stiffening on the Deformation of the Lamina Cribrosa

by Baptiste Coudrillier; Ian C. Campbell; A. Thomas Read; Diogo M. Geraldes; Nghia T. Vo; Andrew Feola; John Mulvihill; Julie Albon; Richard L. Abel; Christopher Ethier



Biomechanical aspects of axonal damage in glaucoma: a brief review

by Cheri Stowell; Claude Burgoyne; Ernst R. Tamm; Ross Ethier



Enhancement of Outflow Facility in the Murine Eye by Targeting Selected Tight-Junctions of Schlemm's Canal Endothelia

by Lawrence C. Tam; Ester Reina-Torres; Joseph M. Sherwood; Paul S. Cassidy; Darragh E. Crosbie; Elke Luetjen-Drecoll; Cassandra Fluegel-Koch; Kristin Perkumas; Marian M. Humphries; Anna-Sophia Kiang; Jeffrey O'Callaghan; John J. Callanan; A. Thomas Read; Christopher Ethier; Colm O'Brien; Matthew Lawrence; Matthew Campbell; W. Daniel Stamer; Darryl R. Overby; Pete Humphries



Phase-Contrast Micro-Computed Tomography Measurements of the Intraocular Pressure-Induced Deformation of the Porcine Lamina Cribrosa

by Baptiste Coudrillier; Diogo M. Geraldes; Nghia T. Vo; Robert Atwood; Christina Reinhard; Ian C. Campbell; Yazdan Raji; Julie Albon; Richard L. Abel; Christopher Ethier



Trabecular meshwork stiffness in glaucoma

by Ke Wang; A. Thomas Read; Todd Sulchek; Ross Ethier