Charles E Hill MD, PhD


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Biphasic Zika Illness With Rash and Joint Pain.

by Srilatha Edupuganti; Muktha S. Natrajan; Nadine Rouphael; Lilin Lai; Yongxian Xu; Matthew Feldhammer; Charles Hill; Shital M. Patel; Sara Jo Johnson; Mary Bower; Rodion Gorchakov; Rebecca Berry; Kristy O. Murray; Mark Mulligan



Severity of Rhinovirus Infection in Hospitalized Adults Is Unrelated to Genotype

by Denise J. McCulloch; Marti H. Sears; Jesse Thomas Jacob; G Marshall Lyon III; Eileen Burd; Angela M. Caliendo; Charles E Hill; W. Allan Nix; M. Steven Oberste; Colleen S Kraft



Race-Specific Influence of CYP4F2 on Dose and Risk of Hemorrhage Among Warfarin Users

by Aditi Shendre; Todd M. Brown; Nianjun Liu; Charles Hill; T. Mark Beasley; Deborah A. Nickerson; Nita A. Limdi



Effect of Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction on Response to Warfarin

by Sameer Ather; Aditi Shendre; T. Mark Beasley; Todd Brown; Charles Hill; Sumanth D. Prabhu; Nita A. Limdi



Innate, T-, and B-Cell Responses in Acute Human Zika Patients

by Lilin Lai; Nadine Rouphael; Yongxian Xu; Muktha Natrajan; Allison Beck; Mari Hart; Matthew Feldhammer; Amanda Feldpausch; Charles Hill; Henry Wu; Jessica K. Fairley; Pamela Lankford-Turner; Nicole Kasher; Patrick Rago; Yijuan Hu; Srilatha Edupuganti; Shital M. Patel; Kristy O. Murray; Mark Mulligan



Influence of Regular Physical Activity on Warfarin Dose and Risk of Hemorrhagic Complications

by Aditi Shendre; T. Mark Beasley; Todd M. Brown; Charles E Hill; Donna K. Arnett; Nita A. Limdi



Langerhans cell sarcoma arising from chronic lymphocytic lymphoma/small lymphocytic leukemia: Lineage analysis and BRAF V600E mutation study

by Weiwei Chen; Ronald Jaffe; Linsheng Zhang; Charles Hill; Anne Marie Block; Sheila Sait; Boer Song; Yunguang Liu; Donhong Cai