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Genome-wide Promoter Analysis of the SOX4 Transcriptional Network in Prostate Cancer Cells

by Christopher Scharer; Colleen D. McCabe; Mohamed Ali-Seyed; Michael F. Berger; Martha L. Bulyk; Carlos S Moreno



Lactobacilli Modulate Epithelial Cytoprotection through the Nrf2 Pathway

by Rheinallt Jones; Chirayu Desai; Trevor M. Darby; Liping Luo; Alexandra A. Wolfarth; Christopher Scharer; Courtney S. Ardita; Erin S. Keebaugh; Andrew Neish



Balancing Selection on a Regulatory Region Exhibiting Ancient Variation That Predates Human-Neandertal Divergence

by Omer Gokcumen; Qihui Zhu; Lubbertus C. F. Mulder; Rebecca C. Iskow; Christian Austermann; Christopher Scharer; Towfique Raj; Jeremy Boss; Shamil Sunyaev; Alkes Price; Barbara Stranger; Viviana Simon; Charles Lee