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Epigenetic gene regulation in plasma cells

by Dillion G Patterson; Anna K Kania; Zhihong Zuo; Christopher Scharer; Jeremy Boss



IL-6/STAT3 Signaling Axis Enhances and Prolongs Pdcd1 Expression in Murine CD8 T Cells

by Jeremy Boss; Christopher Scharer; MD Powell; P Lu; DK Neeld; AK Kania; M Lou-Ella; M George-Alexander; APR Bally



PD-1 combination therapy with IL-2 modifies CD8(+) T cell exhaustion program

by Rafi Ahmed; Suresh Ramalingam; Christopher Scharer; Haydn Kissick; Andreas Wieland; Hal Scherz; Masao Hashimoto; William Hudson; Rebecca Obeng; Sejin Im; K Araki; MA Cardenas; P Li; RR Jadhav; DJ McGuire; J Lee; DT McManus; JL Ross; J Lee; J-X Lin; B Hu; EE West; GJ Freeman; AH Sharpe; A Pellerin; V Teichgraber; WJ Greenleaf; C Klein; JJ Goronzy; P Umana; WJ Leonard; KA Smith



Cohesin Core Complex Gene Dosage Contributes to Germinal Center Derived Lymphoma Phenotypes and Outcomes

by Martin A Rivas; Ceyda Durmaz; Andreas Kloetgen; Cristopher R Chin; Zhengming Chen; Bhavneet Bhinder; Amnon Koren; Aaron D Viny; Christopher Scharer; Jeremy Boss; Olivier Elemento; Christopher E Mason; Ari M Melnick