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Defining the Optimal FVIII Transgene for Placental Cell-Based Gene Therapy to Treat Hemophilia A

by Nadia El-Akabawy; Martin Rodriguez; Ritu Ramamurthy; Andrew Rabah; Brady Trevisan; Alshaimaa Morsi; Sunil George; Jordan Shields; Diane Meares; Andrew Farland; Anthony Atala; Christopher Doering; H Trent Spencer; Christopher B. Porada; Graca Almeida-Porada



Comparison of different gene addition strategies to modify placental derived-mesenchymal stromal cells to produce FVIII

by Ritu M Ramamurthy; Martin Rodriguez; Hannah C Ainsworth; Jordan Shields; Diane Meares; Colin Bishop; Andrew Farland; Carl D Langefeld; Anthony Atala; Christopher Doering; Christopher D Porada; H Trent Spencer; Graça Almeida-Porada



Structure of coagulation factor VIII bound to a patient-derived anti-C1 domain antibody inhibitor

by Christopher Doering; John Lollar; KC Childers; NG Avery; KAE Alamo; O Davulcu; RM Haynes; CH Coxon; PC Spiegel Jr



Transplanting FVIII/ET3-secreting cells in fetal sheep increases FVIII levels long-term without inducing immunity or toxicity

by Christopher Doering; H Trent Spencer; M Rodriguez; B Trevisan; RM Ramamurthy; SK George; J Diaz; J Alexander; D Meares; DJ Schwahn; DR Quilici; J Figueroa; M Gautreaux; A Farland; A Atala; CD Porada; G Almeida-Porada



Identification and targeting of protein tyrosine kinase 7 (PTK7) as an immunotherapy candidate for neuroblastoma

by Kelly Goldsmith; Christopher Doering; H Trent Spencer; Matthew Schniederjan; Robert Schnepp; Jenny Shim; JY Lee; HC Jonus; A Sadanand; GM Branella; V Maximov; S Suttapitugsakul; A Ho; KK Parwani; A Fedanov; AA Pilgrim; JA Silva; R Wu



Identification of coagulation factor IX variants with enhanced activity through ancestral sequence reconstruction

by Kristopher A Knight; Christopher W Coyle; Caelan E Radford; Ernest T Parker; Andrew Fedanov; Jordan M Shields; Fania Szlam; Anatolii Purchel; Michelle Chen; Gabriela Denning; Roman Sniecinski; John Lollar; H Trent Spencer; Eric A Gaucher; Christopher Doering




Coagulation factor IX gene transfer to non-human primates using engineered AAV3 capsid and hepatic optimized expression cassette

by Sandeep RP Kumar; Jun Xie; Shilang Hu; Jihye Ko; Qifeng Huang; Harrison C Brown; Alok Srivastava; David M Markusic; Christopher Doering; H Trent Spencer; Arun Srivastava; Guangping Gao; Roland W Herzog