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SOM: Peds: Gene Therapy

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Platelet clearance via shear-induced unfolding of a membrane mechanoreceptor

by Wei Deng; Yan Xu; Wenchu Chen; David S. Paul; Anum K. Syed; Mattew A. Dragovich; Xin Liang; Philips Zakas; Michael C. Berndt; Jorge Di Paola; Jerry Ware; Francois Lanza; Christopher Doering; Wolfgang Bergmeier; X. Frank Zhang; Renhao Li



Enhancing the pharmaceutical properties of protein drugs by ancestral sequence reconstruction

by Philip M. Zakas; Harrison C. Brown; Kristopher Knight; Shannon Meeks; Harold Spencer; Eric A. Gaucher; Christopher Doering



Directed Engineering of a High-expression Chimeric Transgene as a Strategy for Gene Therapy of Hemophilia A

by Christopher Doering; Gabriela Denning; Kerry Dooriss; Bagirath Gangadharan; Jennifer M Johnston; Keith W Kerstann; David McCarty; Harold Trent Spencer



Comparison of Factor VIII Transgenes Bioengineered for Improved Expression in Gene Therapy of Hemophilia A

by Kerry L. Dooriss; Gabriela Denning; Bagirath Gangadharan; Elisabeth H. Javazon; David McCarty; Harold Trent Spencer; Christopher Doering



Lentiviral Vector Platform for Production of Bioengineered Recombinant Coagulation Factor VIII

by Harold Trent Spencer; Gabriela Denning; Richard E Gautney; Boro Dropulic; Andre J Roy; Lajos Baranyi; Bagirath Gangadharan; Ernest Theodore Parker; Pete Lollar; Christopher Doering