Christopher J Dente MD


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Works 1-8 of 8


Lessons of War: Turning Data Into Decisions

by Jonathan A. Forsberg; Benjamin K. Potter; Matthew B. Wagner; Andrew Vickers; Christopher Dente; Allan Kirk; Eric A. Elster



Evaluation of the Georgia trauma system using the American College of surgeons needs based assessment of trauma systems tool

by Dennis W Ashley; Etienne E Pracht; Laura E Garlow; Regina S Medeiros; Elizabeth V Atkins; Tracy J Johns; Colville H Ferdinand; Christopher Dente; James R Dunne; Jeffrey M Nicholas



Transfusion Management of Trauma Patients

by Beth Shaz; Christopher J Dente; Robert S. Harris; Jana B. MacLeod; Christopher D. Hillyer



Preclosure spectroscopic differences between healed and dehisced traumatic wounds

by Jason S. Radowsky; Romon Neely; Jonathan A. Forsberg; Felipe A. Lisboa; Christopher J Dente; Eric A. Elster; Nicole J. Crane