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SPH: Global Health

School Of Public Health

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Concomitant Socioeconomic, Behavioral, and Biological Factors Associated with the Disproportionate HIV Infection Burden among Black Men Who Have Sex with Men in 6 US Cities

by Kenneth H. Mayer; Lei Wang; Beryl Koblin; Sharon Mannheimer; Manya Magnus; Carlos Del Rio; Susan Buchbinder; Leo Wilton; Vanessa Cummings; Christopher C. Watson; Estelle Piwowar-Manning; Charlotte Gaydos; Susan H. Eshleman; William Clarke; Ting-Yuan Liu; Cherry Mao; Samuel Griffith; Darrell Wheeler



Failure to Identify HIV-Infected Individuals in a Clinical Trial Using a Single HIV Rapid Test for Screening

by Carlos Del Rio; E Piwowar-Manning; JM Fogel; O Laeyendecker; S Wolf; V Cummings; MA Marzinke; W Clarke; A Breaud; S Wendel; L Wang; P Swanson; J Hackett; S Mannheimer; C del Rio; I Kuo; NT Harawa; BA Koblin; R Moore; JN Blankson; SH Eshleman



Characteristics of Multiple and Concurrent Partnerships Among Women At High Risk for HIV Infection

by Carlos Del Rio; AA Adimora; JP Hughes; J Wang; DF Haley; CE Golin; M Magnus; A Rompalo; J Justman; C del Rio; W El-Sadr; S Mannheimer; L Soto-Torres; SL Hodder



Population structure of Neisseria gonorrhoeae based on whole genome data and its relationship with antibiotic resistance.

by Matthew N. Ezewudo; Sandeep J. Joseph; Santiago Castillo-Ramirez; Deborah Dean; Carlos Del Rio; Xavier Didelot; Jo-Anne Dillon; Richard F. Selden; William Shafer; Rosemary S. Turingan; Magnus Unemo; Timothy Read



Infectious Disease Physician Assessment of Hospital Preparedness for Ebola Virus Disease.

by Philip M. Polgreen; Scott Santibanez; Lisa M. Koonin; Mark E. Rupp; Susan E. Beekmann; Carlos Del Rio



Effect of the US National HIV/AIDS Strategy targets for improved HIV care engagement: a modelling study

by Maunank Shah; Allison Perry; Kathryn Risher; Sunaina Kapoor; Jeremy Grey; Akshay Sharma; Eli Rosenberg; Carlos Del Rio; Patrick Sullivan; David W. Dowdy