Carlos Del Rio

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Phone: 404-727-1557


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Professor And Chair

SPH: Global Health

School Of Public Health

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Case of Yellow Fever Vaccine-Associated Viscerotropic Disease with Prolonged Viremia, Robust Adaptive Immune Responses, and Polymorphisms in CCR5 and RANTES Genes

by Bali Pulendran; Joseph Miller; Troy D. Querec; Rama Akondy; Nelson Moseley; Oskar Laur; John Glidewell; Nathan Monson; Tuofu Zhu; Haiying Zhu; Sylvija Staprans; David Lee; Margo A. Brinton; Andrey A. Perelygin; Claudia J. Vellozzi; Philip Sigmund Brachman Jr.; Susan Lalor; Dirk Teuwen; Rachel B. Eidex; Martin S. Cetron; Frances Priddy; Carlos Del Rio; John D Altman; Rafi Ahmed



High prevalence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Georgia

by Nino Mdivani; Ekaterina Zangaladze; Natalia Volkova; Ekaterina Kourbatova; Thea Jibuti; Natalia Shubladze; Tamar Kutateladze; George Khechinashvili; Carlos Del Rio; Archil Salakaia; Henry Michael Blumberg



Never in care: Characteristics of HIV-infected crack cocaine users in two U.S. cities who have never been to outpatient HIV care

by Christine Bell; Lisa R Metsch; Nicholas Vogenthaler; Gabriel Cardenas; Allan Rodriguez; Virginia Locascio; Tamy Kuper; Elizabeth Scharf; Alexandra Marquez; Mary Yohannan; Carlos Del Rio