Cheryl Liane Day PhD


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Defining Discriminatory Antibody Fingerprints in Active and Latent Tuberculosis

by Cheryl Day; N Nziza; D Cizmeci; L Davies; EB Irvine; W Jung; BA Fenderson; M de Kock; WA Hanekom; KLMC Franken; THM Ottenhoff; G Alter



HIV Is Associated with Modified Humoral Immune Responses in the Setting of HIV/TB Coinfection

by Esther van Woudenbergh; Edward B. Irvine; Leela Davies; Marwou de Kock; Willem A. Hanekom; Cheryl Day; Sarah Fortune; Galit Alter



Adults from Kisumu, Kenya have robust gamma delta T cell responses toSchistosoma mansoni, which are modulated by tuberculosis

by Taryn A. McLaughlin; Jeremiah Khayumbi; Joshua Ongalo; Daniel Matete; Joan Tonui; Benson Muchiri; Loren E. Sasser; Angela Campbell; Salim Allana; Samuel Gurrion Ouma; Felix Odhiambo Hayara; Neel Gandhi; Cheryl Day



Activation-Induced Marker Expression Identifies Mycobacterium tuberculosis-Specific CD4 T Cells in a Cytokine-Independent Manner in HIV-Infected Individuals with Latent Tuberculosis.

by Morgan S. Barham; Wendy E. Whatney; Jeremiah Khayumbi; Joshua Ongalo; Loren E. Sasser; Angela Campbell; Meghan Franczek; Mbuyi Madeleine Kabongo; Samuel G. Ouma; Felix Odhiambo Hayara; Neel Gandhi; Cheryl Day



CD4 and CD8 co-receptors modulate functional avidity of CD1b-restricted T cells

by Cheryl Day; CA James; Y Xu; MS Aguilar; L Jing; ED Layton; M Gilleron; AJ Minnaard; TJ Scriba; EH Warren; DM Koelle; C Seshadri



Safety and immunogenicity of candidate vaccine M72/AS01(E) in adolescents in a TB endemic setting

by Adam Penn-Nicholson; Hennie Geldenhuys; Wivine Burny; Robbert van der Most; Cheryl Liane Day; Erik Jongert; Philippe Moris; Mark Hatherill; Opokua Ofori-Anyinam; Willem Hanekom; Anna Bollaerts; Marie-Ange Demoitie; Angelique Kany Kany Luabeya; Evi De Ruymaeker; Michele Tameris; Didier Lapierre; Thomas J. Scriba