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SOMPI: Sickle Cell

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Health-related quality of life in children with sickle cell disease: A report from the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Centers Clinical Trial Consortium

by Carlton D Dampier; Susan Lieff; Petra LeBeau; Seungshin Rhee; Marsha McMurray; Zora Rogers; Kim Smith-Whitley; Winfred Wang



Health-Related Quality of Life in Adults with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD): A Report from the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Centers Clinical Trial Consortium

by Carlton D Dampier; Petra LeBeau; Seungshin Rhee; Susan Lieff; Karen Kesler; Samir Ballas; Zora Rogers; Winfred Wang



Pain Characteristics and Age-Related Pain Trajectories in Infants and Young Children With Sickle Cell Disease

by Carlton Dampier; B Ely; D Brodecki; C Coleman; L Aertker; JA Sendecki; B Leiby; K Kesler; T Hyslop; M Stuart



IMPROVE trial: A randomized controlled trial of patient-controlled analgesia for sickle cell painful episodes: rationale, design challenges, initial experience, and recommendations for future studies

by Carlton Dampier; Wally R. Smith; Carrie G. Wager; Hae-Young Kim; Margaret C. Bell; Scott T. Miller; Debra L. Weiner; Caterina P. Minniti; Lakshmanan Krishnamurti; Kenneth I. Ataga; James Eckman; Lewis L. Hsu; Donna McClish; Sonja M. McKinlay; Robert Molokie; Ifeyinwa Osunkwo; Kim Smith-Whitley; Marilyn J. Telen; The Sickle Cell Disease Clinical Research Network (SCDCRN)



Cognitive Testing of an Electronic Version of the Faces Pain Scale-Revised with Pediatric and Adolescent Sickle Cell Patients

by Neehar Gupta; April N. Naegeli; Diane M. Turner-Bowker; Emuella M. Flood; Lori Ellen Heath; Shelley M. Mays; Carlton Dampier



Nitric Oxide for Inhalation in the Acute Treatment of Sickle Cell Pain Crisis A Randomized Controlled Trial

by Mark T. Gladwin; Gregory J. Kato; Debra Weiner; Onyinye C. Onyekwere; Carlton Dampier; Lewis Hsu; R. Ward Hagar; Thomas Howard; Rachelle Nuss; Maureen M. Okam; Carole K. Tremonti; Brian Berman; Anthony Villella; Lakshmanan Krishnamurti; Sophie Lanzkron; Oswaldo Castro; Victor R. Gordeuk; Wynona A. Coles; Marlene Peters-Lawrence; James Nichols



Clinical trial implementation and recruitment: Lessons learned from the early closure of a randomized clinical trial

by Marlene H. Peters-Lawrence; Margaret C. Bell; Lewis L. Hsu; Ifeyinwa Osunkwo; Phillip Seaman; Miren Blackwood; Edouard Guillaume; Rita Bellevue; Lakshmanan Krishnamurti; Wally R. Smith; Carlton D Dampier; Caterina P. Minniti