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Increased HDAC Activity and c-MYC Expression Mediate Acquired Resistance to WEE1 Inhibition in Acute Leukemia

by Christopher Porter; TB Garcia; RC Uluisik; AA van Linden; KL Jones; S Venkataraman; R Vibhakar



Macrocytic anemia in Lesch-Nyhan disease and its variants

by Hasan F. Cakmakli; Rosa J. Torres; Araceli Menendez; Gul Yalcin-Cakmakli; Christopher Porter; Juan Garcia Puig; Hyder Jinnah



ETV6 germline mutations cause HDAC3/NCOR2 mislocalization and upregulation of interferon response genes

by Christopher Porter; MH Fisher; GD Kirkpatrick; B Stevens; C Jones; M Callaghan; M Rajpurkar; J Fulbright; MA Cooper; J Rowley; A Gutierrez-Hartmann; K Jones; C Jordan; EM Pietras; J Di Paola



Interleukin-37 improves T-cell-mediated immunity and chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy in aged backgrounds

by Curtis Henry; Miyoung Lee; Christopher Porter; Sunil Raikar; JAG Hamilton; R Hunter; RS Ank; JY Story; G Talekar; T Sisroe; DB Ballak; A Fedanov; EZ Eisenmesser; CA Dinarello; J DeGregori



Mass Cytometry Reveals Global Immune Remodeling with Multi-lineage Hypersensitivity to Type I Interferon in Down Syndrome

by Katherine A Waugh; Paula Araya; Ahwan Pandey; Kimberly R Jordan; Keith P Smith; Ross E Granrath; Santosh Khanal; Eric T Butcher; Belinda E Estrada; Christopher Porter



ClinGen Myeloid Malignancy Variant Curation Expert Panel recommendations for germline RUNX1 variants

by Xi Luo; Simone Feurstein; Shruthi Mohan; Christopher Porter; Sarah A Jackson; Sioban Keel; Michael Chicka; Anna L Brown; Chimene Kesserwan; Anupriya Agarwal



A Small-Molecule Inhibitor of WEE1, AZD1775, Synergizes with Olaparib by Impairing Homologous Recombination and Enhancing DNA Damage and Apoptosis in Acute Leukemia

by Tamara B. Garcia; Jonathan C. Snedeker; Dmitry Baturin; Lori Gardner; Susan P. Fosmire; Chengjing Zhou; Craig T. Jordan; Sujatha Venkataraman; Rajeev Vibhakar; Christopher Porter