Christopher Porter


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Macrocytic anemia in Lesch-Nyhan disease and its variants

by Hasan F. Cakmakli; Rosa J. Torres; Araceli Menendez; Gul Yalcin-Cakmakli; Christopher Porter; Juan Garcia Puig; Hyder Jinnah



A Small-Molecule Inhibitor of WEE1, AZD1775, Synergizes with Olaparib by Impairing Homologous Recombination and Enhancing DNA Damage and Apoptosis in Acute Leukemia

by Tamara B. Garcia; Jonathan C. Snedeker; Dmitry Baturin; Lori Gardner; Susan P. Fosmire; Chengjing Zhou; Craig T. Jordan; Sujatha Venkataraman; Rajeev Vibhakar; Christopher Porter



Activating PAX gene family paralogs to complement PAX5 leukemia driver mutations

by Matthew R. Hart; Donovan J. Anderson; Christopher C. Porter; Tobias Neff; Michael Levin; Marshall S. Horwitz



Surveillance Recommendations for Children with Overgrowth Syndromes and Predisposition to Wilms Tumors and Hepatoblastoma

by Jennifer M. Kalish; Leslie Doros; Lee J. Helman; Raoul Hennekam; Roland P. Kuiper; Saskia M. Maas; Eamonn R. Maher; Kim E. Nichols; Sharon E. Plon; Christopher C. Porter; Surya Rednam; Kris Ann P. Schultz; Lisa J. States; Gail E. Tomlinson; Kristin Zelley; Todd E. Druley



Impaired DNA replication within progenitor cell pools promotes leukemogenesis

by Ganna Bilousova; Andriy Marusyk; Christopher Porter; Robert D Cardiff; James DeGregori



Recommendations for Childhood Cancer Screening and Surveillance in DNA Repair Disorders

by Michael F. Walsh; Vivian Y. Chang; Wendy K. Kohlmann; Hamish S. Scott; Christopher Cunniff; Franck Bourdeaut; Jan J. Molenaar; Christopher Porter; John T. Sandlund; Sharon E. Plon; Lisa L. Wang; Sharon A. Savage