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Rectal cancer lexicon: consensus statement from the society of abdominal radiology rectal & anal cancer disease-focused panel

by Thomas A. Hope; Marc J. Gollub; Supreeta Arya; David D. B. Bates; Dhakshinamoorthy Ganeshan; Mukesh Harisinghani; Kartik S. Jhaveri; Zahra Kassam; David H. Kim; Elena Korngold; Neeraj Lalwani; Courtney Moreno; Stephanie Nougaret; Victoriya Paroder; Raj M. Paspulati; Jennifer S. Golia Pernicka; Iva Petkovska; Perry J. Pickhardt; Gaiane M. Rauch; Michael H. Rosenthal; Shannon P. Sheedy; Natally Horvat



CT colonography’s role in the COVID-19 pandemic: a safe(r), socially distanced total colon examination

by Courtney Moreno; Judy Yee; Firas S. Ahmed; Matthew A. Barish; Cecelia Brewington; Abraham H. Dachman; Marc J. Gollub; David H. Kim; Elizabeth McFarland; Perry J. Pickhardt; Syam Reddy; Michael Zalis; Kevin J. Chang