Carolyn Clevenger RN, DNP, GNP-BC


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Practical recommendations for timely, accurate diagnosis of symptomatic Alzheimer's disease (MCI and dementia) in primary care: a review and synthesis

by Garrett Alexander; JL Liss; S Seleri Assunção; J Cummings; A Atri; DS Geldmacher; SF Candela; DP Devanand; HM Fillit; J Susman; J Mintzer; T Bittner; SA Brunton; DR Kerwin; WC Jackson; GW Small; GT Grossberg; Carolyn Clevenger; V Cotter; R Stefanacci; A Wise-Brown; MN Sabbagh



Early prescribing outcomes after exporting the EQUIPPED medication safety improvement programme

by Camille Vaughan; Ula Hwang; Ann Vandenberg; Traci Leong; Daniel Wu; Melissa Stevens; Carolyn Clevenger; Stephanie Eucker; Nick Genes; Wennie Huang; Edidiong Ikpe-Ekpo; Denise Nassisi; Laura Previl; Sandra Rodriguez; Martine Sanon; David Schlientz; Debbie Vigliotti; S. Nicole Hastings