Michael Cawley MD


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Prospective study on embolization of intracranial aneurysms with the pipeline device (PREMIER study): 3-year results with the application of a flow diverter specific occlusion classification

by Ricardo A Hanel; Gustavo M Cortez; Demetrius Klee Lopes; Peter Kim Nelson; Adnan H Siddiqui; Pascal Jabbour; Vitor Mendes Pereira; Istvan Szikora István; Osama O Zaidat; Chetan Bettegowda; Geoffrey P Colby; Maxim Mokin; Clemens M Schirmer; Frank R Hellinger; Curtis Given; Tiimo Krings; Philipp Taussky; Gabor Toth; Justin F Fraser; Michael Chen; Ryan Priest; Peter Kan; David Fiorella; Donald Frei; Beverly Aagaard-Kienitz; Orlando Diaz; Adel M Malek; Charles Cawley; Ajit S Puri; David F Kallmes



Differential effect of mechanical thrombectomy and intravenous thrombolysis in atrial fibrillation associated stroke

by Feras Akbik; Ali Alawieh; Charles Cawley; Brian Howard; Frank Tong; Fadi Nahab; Hassan Saad; Laurie Dimisko; Christian Mustroph; Owen Samuels; Gustavo Pradilla; Ilko Maier; Nitin Goyal; Robert M Starke; Ansaar Rai; Kyle M Fargen; Marios N Psychogios; Pascal Jabbour; Reade De Leacy; James Giles; Travis M Dumont; Peter Kan; Adam S Arthur; Roberto Javier Crosa; Benjamin Gory; Alejandro M Spiotta; Jonathan Grossberg



Prospective study on embolization of intracranial aneurysms with the pipeline device: the PREMIER study 1 year results

by Ricardo A Hanel; David F Kallmes; Demetrius K Lopes; Peter Kim Nelson; Adnan Siddiqui; Pascal Jabbour; Vitor M Pereira; Istvan S Istvan; Osama O Zaidat; Charles Cawley