Cecelia A. Bellcross PhD, MS, CGC


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Implementing screening for Lynch syndrome among patients with newly diagnosed colorectal cancer: summary of a public health/clinical collaborative meeting

by Cecelia A. Bellcross; Sara R. Bedrosian; Elvan Daniels; Debra Duquette; Heather Hampel; Kory Jasperson; Djenaba A. Joseph; Celia Kaye; Ira Lubin; Laurence J. Meyer; Michele Reyes; Maren T. Scheuner; Sheri D. Schully; Leigha Senter; Sherri L. Stewart; Jeanette St. Pierre; Judith Westman; Paul Wise; Vincent W. Yang; Muin J. Khoury



Characteristics associated with genetic counseling referral and BRCA1/2 testing among women in a large integrated health system

by Cecelia A. Bellcross; Lucy A. Peipins; Frances A. McCarty; Juan L. Rodriguez; Nikki A. Hawkins; Sharon Hensley Alford; Steven Leadbetter