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Telehealth Policy, Practice, and Education: a Position Statement of the Society of General Internal Medicine

by Anders Chen; Mariam H. Ayub; Rebecca G. Mishuris; Jorge A. Rodriguez; Kendrick Gwynn; Margaret C. Lo; Craig Noronha; Tracey Henry; Danielle Jones; Wei Wei Lee; Malvika Varma; Elizabeth Cuevas; Chavon Onumah; Reena Gupta; John Goodson; Amy D. Lu; Quratulain Syed; Leslie W. Suen; Erica Heiman; Bisan Salhi; Elaine C. Khoong; Stacie Schmidt



Prioritizing homelessness in emergency medicine education: A concept paper

by Benedict C Del Buono; Bisan Salhi; Alexis E Kimmel; Sally A Santen; Kelli L Jarrell; Melissa White; Christopher K Brown; Joel L Moll



Overcoming barriers to promotion for women and underrepresented in medicine faculty in academic emergency medicine

by Laura Oh; Judith A. Linden; Amy Zeidan; Bisan Salhi; Penelope C. Lema; Ava E. Pierce; Andrea L. Greene; Sandra L. Werner; Sheryl Heron; Michelle Lall; John T. Finnell; Nicole Franks; Nicole Battaglioli; Jordana Haber; Christopher Sampson; Jonathan Fisher; M. Tyson Pillow; Ankur A. Doshi; Bruce Lo



Comparison of 3 Infrared Thermal Detection Systems and Self-Report for Mass Fever Screening

by An V. Nguyen; Nicole J. Cohen; Harvey Lipman; Clive M. Brown; Noelle-Angelique Molinari; William L. Jackson; Hannah Kirking; Paige Szymanowski; Todd W. Wilson; Bisan Salhi; Rebecca R. Roberts; David W. Stryker; Daniel B. Fishbein



Factors associated with decision to hospitalize emergency department patients with skin and soft tissue infection.

by David A. Talan; Bisan Salhi; Gregory J. Moran; William R. Mower; Yu-Hsiang Hsieh; Anusha Krishnadasan; Richard E. Rothman